2022 Wrangler NFR – Round 5

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ROUND 5 – DECEMBER 5, 2022


2022 WNFR Thomas & Mack Arena Mon Dec 5, 2022 Las Vegas
Contestant Home Town Score Stock Notes
R.C. Landingham Hat Creek, CA 90.5 Top Notch Great ride for RC. nice long spur strokes
Jesse Pope Waverly, KS 88.0 Game Trail Another great ride by Jess Pope who is sitting first in the world standings
Timothy O’Connell Zwingle, IA 87.5 Ols Tubs Stevie Knicks Great ride did spur over the neck with the left foot
Leighton Berry Weatherford, TX 87.5 Night Gazer Pretty ride and great match up
Rocker Steiner Weatherford, TX 86.5 Fringe Jacket Great ride for the 2022 Rookie of the year
Cole Franks Clarendon, TX 86.5 Gun Fire Big Strong horse from Frontier rodeo Cole did great
Ty Breuer Mandan, ND 86.0 Xplosive Skies The Calgary horse is strong and makes big jumps around to the left
Caleb Bennett Corvallis, MT 86.0 Night Crawler What a performance by Night Crawler, Calebs spur stroke was off the first couple jumps
Tanner Aus Granite Falls, MN 85.0 Top Flight
Clayton Biglow Clements, CA 84.5 Redzilla Horse heads across the pen to the right with rapid jumps
Kaycee Feild Genola, UT 84.5 New Scarlet New Scarlet put on a show but Kaycee held on
Cole Reiner Buffalo, WY 84.0 MLW?s Irish Eyes Horse circles to the right staying close to the chutes.
George Shadbolt Merriman, NE 76.0 Straight Ringer had a difficult time getting in time with the horse
Tilden Hooper Carthage, TX NS Virgil Great first half of the ride then Virgil gets him rocked forward and he hit with his hand/body and then bucked off
Orin Larsen Inglis, MB Yippe Kibitz Doctor Released
Contestant Home Town Score Notes
Ty Erickson Helena, MT 3.9 Quick run by the former World Champion
Will Lummus Byhalia, MS 4.0 Great catch on a quick-moving steer
Stetson Jorgensen Blackfoot, ID 4.0 Steer tried to crowd the head horse but Stetson made it work
Tyler Waguespack Gonzales, LA 4.3
Kyle Irwin Robertsdale, AL 4.3 Hard running steer almost to the bucking chutes
Jesse Brown Baker City, OR 4.4 The back left leg caught for just a moment
Tim Sparing Helena, MT 4.6 The back end of the steer danced around a bit on the way down.
Tanner Brunner Ramona, KS 4.6
Dirk Tavenner Rigby, ID 4.9 Hard running steer
JD Struxness Milan, MN 5.0 Quick catch but lost time on the ground
Rowdy Parrott Mamou, LA 5.7 Caught 3/4 the way down the pen and slid a little farther
Nick Guy Sparta, WI 6.6 Fast running steer!!! Caught in front of the chutes
Tristan Martin Sulphur, LA NT
Hunter Cure Holliday, TX NT Steer set up and he could catch the left horn
Dakota Eldridge Elko, NV NT Dakota tried to stand the steer back up to get his feet all going the same way and it got away.
Contestant Score Notes
Proctor / Medlin 3.8 Their fastest run yet
Tryan / Corkill 3.8 Going for round money expect them to be fast the next 5 rounds!!
Eguesquiza / Graves 3.9 CLEAN!!! Great run!
Tomlinson / Smith 4.9 Got in the corner pretty deep. But 5/5 roped
Ward / Hawkins 5.2 Hard running steer
Minor / Minor 5.4 Hard running steer Brady had to take a couple of extra swings on the heel shot
Smith / Long 8.6 Slipped a leg.
Dees / Lord 14.2 Broken barrier
Driggers / Nogueira NT Missed on the heel shot
Orman / Crites NT Missed on the head shot
Aguilera / Torres NT Had one leg but the rope slid off before the ropes were straight
Snow / Thorp NT Missed head shot
Masters / Harrison NT Missed Heel shot. Everyone is going fast going for round money.
Wade / Yates NT Missed head shot
Richard / Buhler NT Missed
Contestant Home Town Score Stock Notes
Logan Hay Wildwood, AB 89.0 Larry Culpepper Logan has been riding outstanding in his Rookie WNFR
Lefty Holman Visalia, CA 88.5 South Point Lefty is on fire and the match-up with Southpoint was outstanding
Layton Green Millarville, AB 88.0 The Black Tie Black Ties second jump is huge!
Ryder Wright Beaver, UT 88.0 Kitty Whistle Ryder had a great ride.
Kade Bruno Challis, ID 87.5 Feather Fluffer Big paint horse gets some air time and Kade rode the best he has yet
Dawson Hay wildwood, AB 87.5 All Or Nothin Great celebration after a great ride. Flashy horse allowed Dawson to be the same
Brody Cress Hillsdale, WY 87.0 Miss Valley Miss Valley goes midway into the arena and circles back to the right
Stetson Wright Milford, UT 87.0 Bet The Ranch Stetson put a clinic on how to spur a horse!
Zeke Thurston Big Valley, AB 86.5 Vitalix Womanizer The World Champion bronc rider puts on a spur clinic on a world-champion bucking horse
Wyatt Casper Miami, TX 85.0 Onion Ring Horse bucks straight down the pen getting more air time in the middle of the ride
Tanner Butner Daniel, WY 84.5 Wild Cherry Great matchup. Just a nice ride.
Kolby Wanchuk Sherwood Park, AB 84.0 Ols Tubs Get Smart Canadian Horse and a Canadian cowboy for Get Smarts second to last out of its career
Chase Brooks Deer Lodge, MT 82.5 Billie 2nd horse camped out in front of the chutes and just bucked. Horse stalled in the chutes for over a second before it left. 32.5 ReRide option
Kole Ashbacher Arrowwood, AB 82.0 Straight Moonshine Hangs his right foot for a couple of jumps.
Sage Newman Melstone, MT 79.5 Vitalix Ricky Bobby Horse ducked and dived and took all the reign. He was not fun to ride
Contestant Home Town Score Notes
Kincade Henry Mount Pleasant, TX 7.3 Quick catch. His fastest time yet
Marty Yates Stephenville, TX 7.3 After winning the round last night Marty Yates is on a mission. He promised he’d make up for his first 4 rounds these last 6.
Caleb Smidt Bellville, TX 7.9 Clean run for the World Champion!
Riley Webb Denton, TX 8.2 The 19 year old is 5/5
Zach Jongbloed iowa, LA 8.5 Clean run and he is good on 5
Tyler Milligan Pawhuska, OK 8.6 Quick running calf
Shane Hanchey Sulphur, LA 9.5 Quick catch but the calf was down when he get to it.
Haven Meged Miles City, MT 10.1
Ty Harris San Angelo, TX 10.3 Hard running calf lost some time on the ground
Macon Murphy Keatchie, LA 12.7 Lost time on the tie.
Cory Solomon Prairie View, TX 13.1 Had trouble with the Tie lost a lot of time.
Shad Mayfield Clovis, NM 18.3 Missed with his 1st rope and caught with the second. To stay in the average
Tuf Cooper Decatur, TX NT Missed the calf
John Douch Huntsville, TX NT Missed with his 1st rope and wasting carrying a second
Hunter Herrin Apache, OK NT Missed with first loop caught with the second but not in the time limit
Contestant Home Town Score Notes
Lisa Lockhart Oelrichs, SD 13.52 Fastest time of the first 5 rounds
Hailey Kinsel Cotulla, TX 13.52 It is a night of ties! She ties for the fastest time in the first 5 rounds
Kassie Mowry Dublin, TX 13.57 Came off the 3rd wide Her fastest time yet
Jordon Briggs Tolar, TX 13.60 Almost tipped the second but it stayed standing
Shelley Morgan Eustace, TX 13.69 Clean
Jessica Routier Buffalo, SD 13.72 Her fastest time of the rodeo
Margo Crowther North Fort Myers, FL 13.73 Holy fringe!! She looked like she had wings going around the barrels
Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi Lampasas, TX 13.79 Clean
Wenda Johnson Pawhuska, OK 13.84 Great run on the bottom half of the ground
Sissy Winn Chapman Ranch, TX 13.87 Clean run for the WNFR Rookie.
Bayleigh Choate Fort Worth, TX 13.93 Clean
Dona Rule Minco, OK 13.96 Very wide first barrel
Emily Beisel Weatherford, OK 18.29 Hits the third barrel
Leslie Smalygo Skiatook, OK 18.47 5 second penalty for hitting a barrel
Stevi Hillman Granbury, TX 18.61 Hit a barrel 5 second penalty
Contestant Home Town Score Stock Notes
Tristen Hutchings Monteview, ID 90.5 County Jail His second 90-point ride of his first WNFR
Josh Frost Randlett, UT 88.0 Ols Tubs Sunny He made the 8!! Bull spins to the right
Trey Kimzey Strong City, OK 87.5 Crash Cart Great ride for Trey who has ridden 3 of 5 bulls so far
Stetson Wright Milford, UT 86.5 Relentless Stetson rode an unridden bull!!! Great ride
Maverick Potter Waxahachie, TX NS Ol’ Son Bull stumbles causes him to buck off ReRide
Jared Parsonage Maple Creek, SK NS Vitalix Yellowstone Yellowstone bucked right next to the chutes wiping him off on the chutes ReRide
Creek Young Rogersville, MO NS Resistol’s High Rise That was a quick buck off for High Rise.
Lukasey Morris Union City, OK NS Bayou Bengal Rank pen of bulls tonight
Trey Holston Fort Scott, KS NS Time For Magic The rookie cowboy is having a tough first WNFR.
Garrett Smith Rexburg, ID NS Domino Garret bucked off quick. But a feel-good story is he is wearing a set of pink chaps signed by every contestant competing at the WNFR
Cole Fischer Jefferson City, MO NS Big Bank Flew off the back of Big Bank halfway through the ride.
Trevor Kastner Roff, OK NS Masterhand Milling Smoke Stack Smoke Stack was not playing around and one big move and launched Trevor.
Ky Hamilton Mackay, QL NS Cool Whip It is a rough night in the bull riding!
Jeffrey Askey Athens, TX NS Night Hawk That was a rough exit for Askey. Night Hawk assisted him with a backflip dismount.
JR Stratford Byers, KS Ridin Solo Doctor Released out of this round and round 6

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