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2019 Wrangler NFR

Performance #10 - Saddle Broncs

No. Contestant Hometown Stock Draw Score Notes
76 Bradley Harter Loranger, LA Out due to injury
114 J.J. Elshere Hereford, SD 340 Spring Planting NS double grabs and bails
22 Jacobs Crawley Boerne, TX 384 Black Tie 86.5 Riding great after changing saddle
99 Brody Cress Hillsdale, Wy 398 RodeoHouston’s Womanizer 91 Only man to ride all 10. Average winner
74 Dawson Hay Wildwood, CAN 395 South Point 88.5 Horse bucks down the middle of the pen
58 Jesse Wright Milford, UT 301 Fire Lane 85 bucks down the pen
60 Mitch Pollock Winnemucca, NV 348 Yellowstone NS Lost right stirrup
93 Colt Gordon Comanche, OK 388 Resistol's Top Hat 87.5 Bucks down the right side of the pen
34 Sterling Crawley Stephenville, TX 343 Medicine Woman NS 4.88 Big rear out the chutes
18 Chase Brooks Deer Lodge, MT 346 Big News 82 Gave the horse a lot of rein
35 Rusty Wright Milford, UT 319 Lunatic From Hell 87.5 Big rear Snappy bucks to the left
70 Jake Watson Hudson Hope, CAN 383 Marquee 89.5 Has had a great 10 days
21 Spencer Wright Milford, UT 371 Resistol's Dirty Jacket 85 given a free roll
1 Ryder Wright Milford, UT 337 Bartender 88.5 Great spur ride!
8 Zeke Thurston Big Valley, CAN 322 Kitty Whistle 88.5 World Champion!

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