Chelsea Kijek, Miss Rodeo New York


Chelsea Kijek (New York)

Chelsea Kijek is from Irving, New York and is currently an Administrative Associate at one of the largest sedation dental offices in Western New York; the Smile Center. She will be attending Erie Community College in the spring to become a Dental Hygienist. In the near future she hopes to become an Orthodontist and own her own practice.

A few hobbies of Chelsea’s include barrel racing, cooking, crafting, hunting and fishing, gardening, working and training horses and cowboy extreme races. She gives her time to her local church, whether it’s serving pancakes after a mass or doing a retreat on the weekend with the religion class. On occasion, she likes to help the Eden Stampede Riders prep for their next horse show and be their support center. Taking the time on a Sunday morning to coach young children to better their self-esteems, is such an accomplishment!

“Miss Rodeo America is not only a title, it’s the experience it has to offer, it’s the doors opening to another future and brings on another experience. It’s to expand our horizon with communication and education in Americas western history that is left behind. Us; women represent a huge aspect in the sport of rodeo and the western heritage that is forgotten. We are the role models to the future and present pupils who are not aware of what our organization has to offer. Competing for this title is a motivation that I can be anything I want to be and has lead me to a brighter future. I wear my Justin boots, Bailey Hats and Wrangler Apparel proudly because they represent us; the icon for the PRCA! Being behind the scenes has showed me the way of rodeo and agriculture’s impact on the United States and it would be a honor to be a representative!”

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