History of the Crown: Miss Rodeo Calfornia

First worn by Debbie Smith in 1983, the Miss Rodeo California crown perfectly highlights the state of California. The Golden embellishments are fitting due to California being the “Golden State.” California was given this nickname due to the discovery of gold throughout the state, the golden sunset over the Pacific Coast and the Golden Poppies that bloom all over the state in spring. Golden Poppies with ruby centers outline the top of the Miss Rodeo California Crown and surround the Grizzly Bear which sits in the center of the crown. The Grizzly Bear was designated the official state animal in 1953. Although the Grizzly Bear is now extinct in California they once flourished in the great valleys and low mountains of the state. Since its creation, the crown has sat on the hats of 38 lucky ladies and has been traded out for the Miss Rodeo America crown 5 times.

-Miss Rodeo California 2020-2021, Morgan Laughlin

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