Ondrea Edwards, Miss Rodeo California


Ondrea Edwards (California)

Ondrea Edwards is from Merced, California where her entire educational career has been built around developing a better understanding and awareness for an industry that feeds the world. She is currently working towards completing her Animal Science and Biotechnology Degrees which will allow her to develop career opportunities in the field of animal breeding and genetics.

Ondrea enjoys being creative and accomplishing tasks related to sewing, painting, arts, crafts and cooking. Most of her time is spent outdoors where she finds solace in running, fishing, camping, trail riding and enjoying her horses. Ondrea offers her time to the Hope Center of Monterey County whose mission is to help hungry families and their pets.

“I want to make a little girl’s dreams come alive, to show this world that great things are within reach, no matter how many obstacles stand in your way. My dedication can be seen in my everyday life; I work hard towards educating the public about our sport and encourage others to get involved and to stay involved in the rodeo community. Rodeo is not only a sport, but a family that integrates every aspect of what this country was built on: hard work, dedication, and dreams. Becoming Miss Rodeo America would allow me to demonstrate just how powerful hard work can be, and that big dreams can be a reality. Representing the PRCA on a national level will show society that it doesn’t matter where you come from-through hard work and the love of the sport-you can be successful and accomplish anything.”