Reno Rodeo Night Four Results

RENO, Nev. – Another sold-out crowd packed the stands for Jack Daniel’s Night, the fourth night of the Reno Rodeo, with another exciting night of Pro Rodeo action.

For the second night in a row, the No. 13 ranked bareback rider R.C. Landingham had the coveted victory lap with an 86.5-point ride on Flying 5 Rodeo’s Black Mary, besting the pack and beating his winning score from last night. Clayton Biglow secured the second spot for the second night in a row with an 83 on Big Bend Rodeo’s Moon Shadow.

Not all of the Nevada riders fared too well tonight, but the Reno crowd had Fallon native Jade Corkill to cheer for in the team roping event. The No. 11 ranked healer had the fastest time of 4.6 seconds alongside partner Clay Tryan.

Zeke Thurston shocked the crowd with a stellar 89.50 performance on Flying 5 Rodeo’s Spring Plantin in the final saddle bronc ride of the night. The Canada native bested last night’s winner and No. 1 all around cowboy in the world, Stetson Wright, who scored an 84.50 on Big Bend Rodeo’s Spotted Blues.

2016 Reno Rodeo barrel racing winner Stevi Hillman put herself in the running for the silver spurs with the second best score of the week with a lightning fast 17.13 second run, placing her in second behind last night’s winner Katie Pascoe.

The bulls got the best of most of the riders tonight with only three qualifying rides. In his first time in Reno, Coy Pollmeier had the highest scoring ride of the night with an 83 on Flying 5 Rodeo’s Bud’s Delight, followed by Cash Toews’ 82-point ride on Big Bend Rodeo’s Fast Money.

Bareback (score in points):
1. R.C. Landingham, Hat Creek, CA 86.50 on Flying 5 Rodeo’s Black Mary
2. Clayton Biglow, Clements, CA 83 on Big Bend Rodeo’s Moon Shadow
3. Kody Lamb, Sherwood Park, AB 80.50 on Flying 5 Rodeo’s Morning Light

Steer Wrestling (score in seconds):
1. Landris White, Angleton, TX 4.0
2. Walt Arnold, Coleman, TX 5.5
3. Stetson Jorgensen, Blackfoot, ID 5.8

Team Roping (score in seconds):
1. Clay Tryan, Helena, TX & Jade Corkill, Fallon, NV 4.6
2. Tyler Wade, Terrell, TX & Trey Yates, Pueblo, CO 4.7
3. Cooper White, Hershey, NE & Tucker James White, Hershey, NE 9.6

Saddle Bronc (score in points):
1. Zeke Thurston, Big Valley, AB 89.50 on Flying 5 Rodeo’s Spring Plantin
2. Stetson Wright, Milford, UT 84.50 on Big Bend Rodeo’s Jacob’s Ladder
3. Lucas Macza, High River, AB 81.50 on Flying 5 Rodeo’s Eldorado

Tie-Down Roping (score in seconds):
1. Kingcade Henry, Mount Pleasant, TX 8.3
2. Ladd King, Kaysville, UT 8.6
3. Cash Edward Hooper, Carlsbad, NM 9.2

Breakaway Roping (score in seconds):
1. Oaklie Sanders, Taylor, UT 2.7
2. Josey Murphy, Keachi, LA 3.1
3. Bryana Lehrmann, Lexington, TX, 3.3

Barrel Racing (score in seconds):
1. Stevi Hillman, Weatherford, TX 17.13
2. Lexie Gross, Redmond, OR 17.31
3. Chelsie Stodghill, Prineville OR 17.32

Bull Riding (score in points):
1. Coy Pollmeier, Fort Scott, KS 83 on Flying 5 Rodeo’s Bud’s Delight
2. Cash Toews, Canton, KS 82 on Big Bend Rodeo’s Fast Money
3. Chance Schott, Mclaughlin, SD 68.5 on Big Bend Rodeo’s Hot Pursuit

*Scores are unofficial until verified by the Rodeo Secretary. Current PRCA leaderboard can be found here.

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