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By: Slade Long

Lots of good matchups here, and we should see several qualified rides. It will be interesting to see if the environment plays a role. The PBR has bucked bulls in a lot of odd places, but this one will be the oddest. Bulls and riders are used to doing their thing is a rather enclosed area, and this one will be out in the open with nothing on the horizon in several directions.

Cody Teel on 519 Hell on the Red:

Teel was 87.75 points on this bull back in August in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Hell on the Red is 2-3 against right-handed riders, and with Teel coming off a fairly strong performance at the World Finals, this should be easy pickings for him. There are bulls in this round who can outscore him if they are ridden.

Ezekiel Mitchell on 584 Foghorn Leghorn:

Mitchell is 1-for-2 on this bull. He bucked off in their most recent match in Bismarck, North Dakota, in August, but Dener Barbosa rode him for 88.25 points at the World Finals. This bull can go either way, but he typically has great timing and is a good fit for most riders. If Mitchell arrives in a sparkly blue jacket, look for him to have an edge here.

Eduardo Aparecido on 15-5 Dr. Campbell:

This bull has less experience than most of the others in this event, but Aparecido rode him in Billings for 87.5 points. Aparecido is coming off his biggest win of the season at the World Finals where he went 3-for-5 for a second-place finish and picked up over $86,000.

Mauricio Gulla Moreira on 027 Concealed Carry:

Moreira missed the World Finals, but he has one of the best bulls here. J.B. Mauney was 90.5 points on Concealed Carry in Tulsa just last month, and this is a fantastic draw for a left-handed rider.

Tye Chandler on 40 Black Cadillac:

Chandler made some noise at the beginning of the World Finals, and ended up picking up his biggest paycheck of the year there. Black Cadillac is a solid bull, but he has a real weakness for right-handed riders; he’s 0-7 against them.

Keyshawn Whitehorse on 511T Stretch:

Whitehorse has faced this bull five times and is 1-for-5 against him, but their most recent meeting is particularly relevant. Just a week ago, Stretch cost Whitehorse the World Finals win. Whitehorse ended the Finals in third with three 90-point scores. Stretch bucked him off in the fourth round at 5.72 seconds, and the score he would have gotten would probably have put him ahead of Boudreaux Campbell at the end. This is a solid draw for a right-handed rider. His speed gives even the best riders a challenge, but Whitehorse really owes him one here.

Parker Breding on 546 Evil Intentions:

Evil Intentions hasn’t faced a lot of high-level riders, but he’s been ridden when he has. He’s an especially good fit for a lefty. He’s smooth and has good timing, and Breding, who rides left-handed, should get along with him.

Luciano de Castro on 51 Safety Meeting:

Safety Meeting may not be a World Champion, but he’s probably the most desired bull in the PBR by left-handed riders. He’s given up six rides this season, four of those for more than 90 points. He helped Boudreaux Campbell win the World Finals, and helped Jose Vitor Leme win the World Championship. Leme has two rides against him this season for big scores. Like Stretch, his main weapon is speed, and he has a lot of it. Castro rode him in their only meeting in 2019 for 85.5 points, which is the lowest score this bull has ever produced.

Boudreaux Campbell on 223 Silent Night:

This is the only bull that threw Campbell off at the World Finals, so this is his chance for a little revenge. Silent Night is one of the tougher matchups in this round. He was last ridden in June of this year, and before that it was June of 2019. He’s faced plenty of good riders in all that time as well, but probably few as ready for him as Campbell will be.

Roscoe Jarboe on 1518 Uncle Gangster:

This bull can go either way, but over time he’s been better to right-handed riders. Silvano Alves rode him for 87.25 points at the World Finals. He’s a solid draw for anyone at this level, and Jarboe should have a chance to shine here. Jarboe and Boudreaux Campbell are both headed to the NFR in a couple of weeks.

Daylon Swearingen on 08B Hostage:

This is another rematch from the Finals. Swearingen was 90.25 on Hostage just a week ago to place second in the fourth round of the World Finals. He also bucked off this bull earlier this year. Hostage is a better fit for left-handed riders, but he’s not easy for anyone. He has a solid record against the best riders in the world and the highest power rating in the round. This is will be a tough matchup for Swearingen, but one with potential for a high score and a round win.

Chase Dougherty on 437B Lil 2 Train:

Jess Lockwood won a round on Lil 2 Train at the World Finals a week ago. This bull is always a good draw, but like Hostage, he is no pushover. He can spin either way or both ways, and he doesn’t allow riders much of an opportunity to make corrections. Any mistake can be costly on him. He has been ridden eight times this year with three of those worth 91 or more.

Dener Barbosa on 518 Bad Decisions:

Barbosa tends to excel on bulls that are smooth, and this one is borderline rough. Bad Decisions usually has good timing, but he is very intense and can generate some power. He likes the left, and that’s good for Barbosa, but this is still a tough matchup.

Lucas Divino on 34 Soup in a Group:

Divino was 90.5 points on Soup in a Group back in August in Salt Lake City, and would have won the short round had Jose Vitor Leme not went off for 94 points on Chiseled.

Derek Kolbaba on 169 Sky Harbor:

Sky Harbor has been ridden in his last four outs, including a 92-point effort by Kolbaba in September. This is a strong and unpredictable bull, but he has to be fun to try. Lots of up and down, and he doesn’t cover much ground. He’s a challenge, but one that the better riders are often able to handle.

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