Behind the Lens with Andy Watson: Campbell Steals the Show in Louisville

By: Andy Watson

Andy Watson of Bull Stock Media is in his 26th season as the PBR’s lead photographer and has captured nearly every ride in PBR history.

“To be able to freeze that moment and look at it and see everything in it is really cool, and to (the riders) it means a lot,” Watson said. “Every ride is something special, whether it is good, bad, great form or their buddies are in the background.”

This season, Watson is taking fans behind the lens of some of his favorite photos, sharing his thoughts and processes as he covers each Unleash The Beast event.

Below are Watson’s favorite images from the PBR Lucas Oil Invitational in Louisville, Kentucky.

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“It’s funny what the eye picks up on sometimes. This past weekend must have been Boudreaux Campbell’s time to jump out to me. As I rolled back through the nearly 700 images I took, three that stood to me were of Boudreaux. When a guy is riding good, the photos will show it. I love the effort both he and Paradigm Bull Company’s Zero Time are putting out in this first photo. The second image would be better without the mask, of course, but using the lighting in the arena and a little help from my strobes adding backlight, I thought this was a cool perspective. The last photo was about as close as I want to get to the action without a fence in front of me! I had my 70-200mm lens backed all the way out, and just managed to fit the action in. Being this close will sure bring out the detail in an image. Check out the calmness in Boudreaux’s eyes and the hair flying like snow throughout the entire image.”

“‘Missed it by a hundredth’ was the outcome of this ride for Keyshawn Whitehorse; after the review official took several looks at it, the tail of the rope was lost around 7.99 seconds. Although he didn’t make a qualified ride, Keyshawn is riding great and showing the effort it takes to be a champion.”

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