Bradley Harter to Miss Rest of Wrangler NFR With Injury

LAS VEGAS – Saddle bronc rider Bradley Harter, 38, will miss the remainder of the 2019 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo after suffering an avulsion to his left hamstring in Round 2.

Harter has been granted a two-day doctor’s release, but said he won’t return for the last seven rounds.

“I was bucked off and felt something tear or pop right at the left bottom of the butt cheek, and I knew something was wrong,” Harter said of his ride on Wayne Vold Rodeo’s One More Reason in Round 2. “It tore my hamstring off the bone.”

The 11-time Wrangler NFR qualifier went on to compete in Round 3, despite the pain.

“I didn’t want to face reality,” Harter said. “As soon as I nodded I had no control of my left leg. Your body goes into ‘protection mode’ and wouldn’t let me spur, it shut down my left leg.”

The San Angelo, Texas, cowboy took the month of May off due to a torn left hamstring, but this injury is more severe.

“It just stinks all the way around,” Harter said. “I look at my career as the older I get, the better I ride.

“I’m taking a two-day (doctor’s) release but I’m not getting on any more,” Harter said. “It’s torn from the bone and there’s nothing there. The injury dictates that I not get on. I can ride with pain, but this time there’s no way around it – pain is not the factor.”

Before Round 4, Harter was ranked ninth in the PRCA | RAM World Standings with $127,543 and tied for 11th in the average with 86.5 points on one head.

“It’s hard enough to beat the best 14 bronc riders when you’re healthy and at the top of your game,” Harter said. “Last night (Round 3) shouldn’t have bucked me off, but I didn’t stand a chance.”

Harter estimates it will take four to six months for a full recovery.

Courtesy of PRCA

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