Emergency Livestock Funds Granted

$30,000 on the way to help care for and feed rodeo livestock

St. Paul, Ore.  – The Rodeo Stronger initiative of the St. Paul Rodeo Foundation is announcing the first round of grants for $30,000. These grants will assist stock contractors with the care and feeding of their livestock through the COVID-19 crisis. As of now, ten stock contractors from 7 states, collectively feeding more than 3000 head of rodeo livestock, have applied for financial assistance.

“There are no unemployment funds, PPP loans or stimulus checks available to stock contractors to feed the thousands of head of rodeo livestock which are out of work due to the cancellation of rodeo events nationwide”, said Doug Corey, DVM who serves on the Rodeo Stronger Advisory Committee. “We are grateful to those who have donated to this effort, as we raise funds we will immediately grant those funds to stock contractors who have applied.”

This grass-roots initiative, launched on May 8, 2020, is granting 100% of the donations to assist in caring for rodeo livestock, the St. Paul Rodeo Association is absorbing any administrative costs. “This COVID-19 pandemic is affecting every aspect of life and every component of the rodeo business,” said Leslie Lange of Corey and Lange Rodeo “we feel like the stock contractor is the silent, unseen, unheard partner in this equation.”

Donations are currently being accepted online and multiple fundraisers are being discussed for this vital cause.

About Rodeo Stronger:
Rodeo Stronger is a grass-roots initiative of the St. Paul Rodeo Foundation with the goal of
raising funds to help care for rodeo livestock during the COVID-19 crisis. For more information or to donate, go to