PBR Pick ‘Em Morning Line – Billings Round 2

By: Slade Long

Austin Richardson on 522 Vertigo Spy:

Vertigo Spy may be the best possible draw for a right-handed rider in any PBR long round. He produces good scores when ridden, and when he faces righties, he’s ridden a lot; he’s 2-7 against them in his career. Richardson is really good on bulls that go into his hand, but he seems to draw a lot of bulls that go the other way.

Jose Vitor Leme on 34 Soup in a Group:

With 68 career outs, Soup in a Group is one of the most well-known bulls around. However, Leme has never faced him, even though they have been at the same event a bunch of times. This is a tough but rideable bull. Leme should be the favorite in this matchup, but not by a mile. This bull has a solid record against even the best riders, and he can go either way.

Dener Barbosa on -621 Zero Time:

Barbosa may be the hottest rider going right now. He has a tough bull, but one that is likely to go into his hand. Zero Time has been ridden more often by right-handed guys and is 9-1 against lefties despite going to the left. He has some timing issues and some real power. Barbosa will be tested.

Chase Dougherty on 536 Jayded:

Dougherty won the opening round with an outstanding 90.5-point ride going away from his hand. Jayded is 19-1 in his career. Jose Vitor Leme rode him in Omaha two weeks ago. If he has the same trip in this round, Dougherty should be able to handle him and get another good score.

Silvano Alves on 51 Safety Meeting:

Safety Meeting is a fantastic draw, but he’s a better fit for a lefty. That said, the last three rides made on him were by right-handed guys. Alves certainly has a chance. He was 87.5 last night on a fast-spinning bull that went into his hand. He will have close to the same thing here, but the other direction.

Paulo Lima on 716 Outlaw:

Lima first came on the scene in 2010 and looked pretty strong, but for the past five years, he has not found his mojo, especially at the UTB level. He posted 46 qualified rides in his first two years and just 18 in the past five years. He kept a low score last night, which was his first UTB score of this season. He has a bull that should fit him in Round 2. Outlaw is 2-3 against left-handed riders, giving Lima a chance to get a second score on the board.

Cody Nance on 08B Hostage:

Nance has one of the best bulls out in this round, but not one of the easiest. Hostage is a better fit for left-handed riders, which works in Nance’s favor, but he’s 38-5 in his career. Four of the five rides made on him went for round wins. The bull has the edge in this matchup, but Nance has a big opportunity as well.

Kaique Pacheco on 41 Lonesome Fugitive:

Lonesome Fugitive is 25-0 in his pro career. We’ve seen him buck with a style similar to Smooth Operator in his younger days, with a big fake to the left and then around to the right. This bull has a lot of power and has thrown off a lot of very good riders. Pacheco is capable of riding anything, but this won’t be an easy day for him.

Alex Cerqueira on 519 Hell on the Red:

This bull is a really good draw, but he will almost certainly go to the right. Cerqueira is much stronger on bulls that go left. Hell on the Red has been ridden five times for an average ride score of 87.75 and two round wins.

Derek Kolbaba on 60 Midnight Rock:

Watching this bull as a 4-year-old last year, I thought he would become a rider favorite this year. But he’s 9-0 in 2021 so far. Riders haven’t had an answer for him. He normally goes to the right, and that will be away from Kolbaba’s hand. Although no one has ridden him yet this season, he has good timing and is rideable. He was ridden a couple of times by left-handed riders in 2020.

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