The Morning Line – Glendale Round 2

By: Slade Long

Ezekiel Mitchell on 57 Charmed Magic:

This is a nice bull to have when you’ve already posted a big score and just need one more. Charmed Magic has been ridden four times in six outs, and he’s 0-2 against right-handed guys. On paper, he’s one of the most rideable bulls in the round, along with Gangster of Love, who is up against Cole Melancon.

Jess Lockwood on D23 Lil’ Loco:

Lockwood was rock solid as expected in Round 1 on a bull that was a near-perfect fit for him. This bull cannot be described the same way. Lil’ Loco is a bundle of energy who can really bring it, and he likes to go to the right – away from Lockwood’s hand. He made short work of Cody Teel last night. Lockwood will be tested.

Mauricio Moreira on D10 Joe Bananas:

This bull only has a couple of outs on record, one of which was Friday night during the continuation of the Del Rio event. He also threw Jose Vitor Leme off last fall. From what we’ve seen of him, Joe Bananas has some lurching forward movement and some hesitation, and that’s most of his difficulty; he’s not particularly powerful or fast. If Moreira wants to add to his Round 1 score, he will have to do it on a tricky bull.

Cooper Davis on 92T Buckin’ For Cash:

This is the best matchup in this round. Davis won the first round in Del Rio, and he won a round in Arcadia on this bull. Buckin’ For Cash is a great draw, has great timing, and has already given up several good scores this year after carrying Boudreaux Campbell to 90.75 points in the short round of the World Finals. Everything looks good for Davis here. He has a solid lead in the standings, he’s in the lead at this event and looks good to possibly win this round, too. The only bad news is that there are many days until the last round of the World Finals, and Davis will have to keep pace for all of those days.

Matt Triplett on 08C Crazy Times:

Triplett bucked off in Round 1 but may have a way back in; he rode this bull for 88 points in May of 2019. Crazy Times is not easy, and Triplett did not have an easy time with him in their first meeting. This bull has a strong record against even the best riders, but Triplett has a shot.

Jesse Petri on C-6 Rock City Dreamin’:

This is a brand new bull who threw Colten Fritzlan off Friday night. He has great big horns, but aside from that, there is nothing too scary about him. He looks like a solid bull that goes to the left, which will be into Petri’s hand.

Kyler Oliver on 027 Concealed Carry:

Oliver did well in the first round, and he has an outstanding draw here. Concealed Carry is really nice to left-handed riders, and he can deliver 87- to 90-point scores. This may be the best draw in the round for a lefty.

Colten Fritzlan on 621 Wicked Dreams:

This could be your dark-horse pick for a round win. Wicked Dreams hasn’t been ridden since August of 2019, mainly due to his habit of going to the right as fast and nasty as possible. Most guys can’t keep up with him, and he kind of makes every rider an underdog. Fritzlan can clearly ride whatever bull they run under him, and if he can break this one’s streak, he could cash in for a huge score.

Joao Henrique Lucas on 106 Sosa’s Alley Cat:

Rafael Henrique dos Santos rode this bull Friday night for 85.25 points. At one time, Alley Cat was kryptonite to right-handed riders while the top lefties were winning big on him. That’s changed a little. He’s been ridden by a few right-handed guys now, and he was pretty nice to Santos Friday. Lucas was 86.5 points last night and has a decent shot at getting another.

Boudreaux Campbell on 688 American Gangster:

This bull is 8-0 against lefties, and is pretty hard to ride in general, but… Keyshawn Whitehorse had him Friday night, and he went to the left high and hard. If he has that same trip again, he will be into Campbell’s wheelhouse and could be ripe for Campbell to pick him off for a big score.

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