TicketSmarter Morning Line – Ocala Competition 2

Yesterday was a little crazy. Both 2020 World Champion Jose Vitor Leme and two-time World Champion Jess Lockwood got hurt.

Leme will be out for a while, and it seems likely Lockwood will be out today at least. Lockwood had the second highest-marked bull at the event so far (Detroit Lean – 45.5 ), and that was in the long go. Mauricio Moreira and Cooper Davis were the only two guys to ride two bulls, and they both drew relatively unknown bulls in the long round today. Moreira’s bull has been to a few rodeos and put up good numbers.

Sunday’s action begins at 2 p.m. ET on RidePass and can also be seen at 8 p.m. ET on CBS Sports Network.

Cole Melancon on 514 Bottoms Up:

Bottoms up is 11-3 in UTB competition, but he’s less effective against the top guys. Melancon won the long round yesterday, and he has a chance here. This bull has timing and is reasonably rideable.

Dalton Kasel on 04C LaGrande:

Alex Cerqueira rode this bull yesterday for 86 points, and LaGrande has been ridden in four of his last five outs. He’s one of the more rideable bulls here. Kasel came down against a tough bull in Round 1 Saturday, but he should bounce back here.

Kyler Oliver on 53 Tapp Out:

This bull has only two outs on record, but he was ridden for 85 points in Des Moines last season. Oliver is a newcomer, but if yesterday is any indication, he’s one to keep an eye on. He made a great ride in Round 1, and then picked Struttin’ Stuff in the championship round with the third pick. That’s the most difficult bull going right now, and he threw Oliver off at the World Finals. Oliver is up for a challenge and that’s a good attitude for an up-and-coming rider to have.

Brennon Eldred on 313 Zorro:

Zorro threw Eldred off a couple of years ago in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 5.88 seconds. This is the most difficult bull in this round. He’s 45-3 in his career. The upside is that he’s also worth a lot of points and probably a round win. Zorro relies on speed – he’s very fast, and he should go to the right. He will be a challenge, but he’s not a bad fit for Eldred.

Ezekiel Mitchell on 534C Firebeatz:

This bull is a recent immigrant from Canada. He’s been ridden in his last three outs, but he’s not a pushover. He’s unpredictable and can go either way. If he goes into Mitchell’s hand and has a normal trip, Mitchell should get along with him, but he gets squirrely and can be hard to handle.

Derek Kolbaba on 519 Hell on the Red:

This is one of the best draws in the round, but he’s better for right-handed riders. He’s been ridden four times in seven career outs, and all those rides were by right-handed guys. Kolbaba let one get away in Round 1, and he may be able to make up for it here, but he will have to do it going away from his hand.

Dakota Louis on 410 Pancho Villa:

Louis rode his long round bull yesterday, and he may get a score here. This bull should go into his hand. Pancho Villa has a wonky spin where he’s really leading with his head and trying to amp up the centrifugal force. This gives him a little bit of a timing hitch, but his overall timing is pretty consistent for all that.

Claudio Montanha on 6140 Bomber:

This bull is a half-brother to 6X4 Walking Tall – the bull that threw Cole Melancon off in the championship round yesterday. Bomber can have the same outstanding up-and-down, but in the past he’s been less likely to settle into a spin. I spent an evening helping work these two bulls through the chute at Cody Lambert’s arena a few years ago when they were 2 years old, and this bull stood out to me because he got a lot more vertical than most his age. Montanha has a chance here, but if this bull puts it together, and turns back, he could be a standout.

Marco Eguchi on 43 Roulette:

This is the bull that threw Derek Kolbaba off in Round 1. He’s one of the better draws in this round. He likes to go to the left, but he’s given up several good rides to right-handed guys. Eguchi is on a roll lately. He bucked off his championship round bull yesterday, but he’s ridden seven of his 10 ten bulls, and is coming off a strong second-place finish at the World Finals.

Kaique Pacheco on 027 Concealed Carry:

Pacheco had to sit out the championship round yesterday with a concussion, but he has a fantastic draw waiting for him if he clears concussion protocol on Sunday morning. Concealed Carry is an all-around good bull to have for any rider at this level. He’s honest, rideable and can produce high 80s to 90-point scores.

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