Behind the Lens with Andy Watson: Championship Round Fireworks in Kansas City

By: Andy Watson

Andy Watson of Bull Stock Media is in his 26th season as the PBR’s lead photographer and has captured nearly every ride in PBR history.

“To be able to freeze that moment and look at it and see everything in it is really cool, and to (the riders) it means a lot,” Watson said. “Every ride is something special, whether it is good, bad, great form or their buddies are in the background.”

This season, Watson is taking fans behind the lens of some of his favorite photos, sharing his thoughts and processes as he covers each Unleash The Beast event.

Below are Watson’s favorite images from the PBR Caterpillar Classic in Kansas City, Missouri.

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“This week’s championship round was as good as I’ve seen in quite some time. The guys stepped up and rode some of the toughest bulls in our sport for some of the highest-marked rides of the season. These are the moments that I love having the opportunity to capture. Sure, the buckoffs and wrecks make for great photos, but when a bull like Chiseled and a rider like Cooper Davis tap off, magic happens, and a score of 94 points is the outcome. When I shoot events, I use strobes that I have placed in the arena catwalk, making motor drive impossible. The new cameras can shoot nearly 20 frames per second, practically creating a movie clip, but with strobes, I’m stuck to a shot about every second and a half due to their recycle time. Timing your shot is the name of the game to capture the exact moment you want, not just holding the button down and hoping your shutter falls on the moment you’re wanting.”

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