TicketSmarter Morning Line – Guthrie Round 2

By: Slade Long

Only six riders made the whistle in Round 1, and that means the event is still very much up for grabs. It also means the six riders who got a score have a huge advantage here.

Cannon Cravens on 4C Audacious:

Drawing this bull is an automatic ticket to being featured in the Morning Line. Audacious is a 5-year-old bull who won the ABBI’s hotly contested Futurity division when he was 2. Since then he’s been a solid rider bull with good timing and just the right amount of everything. He’s the kind of bull every rider should get along with. He will probably go away from Cravens’ hand here, but right-handed guys have won rounds on this bull before.

Boudreaux Campbell on 417 Real Gun:

Campbell looked rock solid last night, and he’s likely to get another qualified ride and a good score here. Real Gun has been ridden in his last five outs straight, and in eight of his last 10. This may be the most rideable bull in the round, and Campbell has a lot to gain by winning the match.

Junio Patrik Souza on 3 Stunt Man Ray:

Another bull that is absolutely a dream draw for any rider. Stunt Man Ray has been on many a rider’s highlight reel, and has delivered his share of round wins. He’s a much better fit for a right-handed rider, but lefties have done reasonably well against him too. If Souza can handle a good bull away from his hand, he will like this one.

Dakota Louis on Z8/8 Losing My Religion:

Losing My Religion has the highest difficulty rating in the round, but Louis has a chance here for a couple of reasons. One, he has everything to gain by staying on, because he is one of the few who got a score in Round 1. Two, this bull has a lot of hi-ho silver type moves where he gets up and drops out hard trying to get the rider rocking and yank him around. Louis is a bigger rider, and this type of bull isn’t as altogether rough for a bigger guy.

Joao Ricardo Vieira on 702 Speck:

Fairly new bull here, but don’t expect Vieira to fall off just because he hasn’t seen this bull before. Vieira is having a monster season at age 36, overshadowed somewhat by the ridiculous year that Jose Leme is having. Vieira won the opening round last night, and Leme bucked off. They both have relatively new bulls here, but Vieira has a huge advantage at this event now, and he has every incentive to press it.

J.B. Mauney on 612 Ridin’ Solo:

If we are going to see Mauney return to form, it could be right here against this bull. Ridin’ Solo is another former ABBI Futurity champion who looks like he’s going to be pretty good for the top riders. He’s only been ridden a couple of times, but he is right up Mauney’s alley, and this should be a good matchup.

Cooper Davis on 41B- Cool Customer:

Davis has faced this bull twice before. He was 89 in their first meeting, and came down at 6.55 in their second. They actually met a third time, but the gate opened before Davis nodded, and it ended in a RR option. Davis is riding well right now, and made a classy ride in Round 1 on a nice bull. This is a tough matchup for him, but it could put Davis in the lead for the event.

Joao Henrique Lucas on 43X Short Pop:

Lucas bucked off last night, but he rode all three bulls last weekend, and he has a good enough draw here. Short Pop is by no means easy, but he’s rideable. He can be a little wild and out of line, but he’s similar to a lot of bulls the Brazilian riders are used to back home, so he’s nothing new to them.

Cody Teel on 519 Hell on the Red:

This bull has a very short history, but from what we’ve seen of him he should be a near perfect fit for Teel. Mason Taylor won a round back in May on this bull right here in Guthrie. What we saw there was a smooth, strong bull who went to the right – which will be into Teel’s hand.

Kaique Pacheco on 60 Midnight Rock:

This is another ABBI all-star. He’s currently fifth in the ABBI’s Classic Division for 2020, and Eduardo Aparecido won a round on him in New York this season. Pacheco is 0 for his last 6 bulls, and 0-for-4 since returning last week, but he will probably change that here. This bull should be into his hand, and a great fit for him overall.

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