Clovis Rodeo Salutes Fresno State Veteran’s Education Program

As a part of the Clovis Rodeos dedication to our Veterans, and in partnership with our friends at the Wrangler Patriots program, they took an opportunity to salute their partners at Fresno state and their Veteran’s Education Program for all they do to support the members of the military who have given so much for us and are now beginning their college journey. The Clovis Rodeo is honored to support this very worthwhile program and give back to the Veterans from all branches of the service who have given of themselves to serve their Country. On Saturday, they presented a check for $10,000 on behalf of the Clovis Rodeo and our fans and sponsors like Wrangler who believe in what you’re doing. The Clovis Rodeo extends their appreciation to all members of the military service, active and retired, your commitment to our country and our community is greatly appreciated. Accepting the check for the Veteran’s Education Program at Fresno State is the Executive Director Daniel Bernard.


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