Dent Has Big WYO Weekend

A ‘workhorse’ according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary is a person who performs most of the work of a group task. Nebraska’s Steven Dent is that person in pro rodeo. His motor runs hot on bucking horses whether wrapped in a bareback riggin’ or setting a saddle rein. Not many rough-stock cowboys can say they went home carding 162 points in one Sunday. Dent won Laramie Jubilee Days bareback riding and was one of just a handful able to stay on for a score in the bronc riding aboard a dynamic pen of animals brought in by Summit Pro Rodeo Co. based in nearby Centennial, WY. The Laramie all-around winner was the Sheridan WYO Rodeo bareback riding champion earlier in the weekend and combined with his Laramie work earned $8K to inch up further in the PRCA world standings. His Jubilee Days bareback ride was for 86 points to win and Dent placed high enough in saddle-bronc riding for fuel to get home to Mullen, NE. Courtesy of Wrangler Network contributor Charlie Coon.


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