Public Service Announcement for Rodeo Stronger

Healthy rodeo livestock are the backbone of the American Rodeo Industry, and right now, rodeo’s animal athletes need our help! Times are tough but rodeo supporters are tougher and we know you want to help us take care of our 4-legged superstars. While Rodeo cancellations continue across the country, the rodeo livestock unemployment line is growing, and its time to give back so the true stars of the sport of rodeo stay healthy and strong during the COVID-19 pandemic. Like many other businesses, Rodeo Stock contractors are struggling. Let’s give them a helping hand to provide feed and veterinary care to the bucking horses and bulls rodeo can’t survive without. Rodeo Stronger was created to provide emergency grants to help make this happen. Be a part of the solution, donate today at With the support of the St. Paul Rodeo Foundation in St. Paul, Oregon, 100% of your donation will go towards emergency grants to keep rodeo livestock healthy and strong.


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