Kyle Irwin Surrounds himself with Family, Faith

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – The life of a ProRodeo cowboy consists of all-night drives to get to rodeo after rodeo.

It can be months before a cowboy gets to spend time at home.

But obviously that isn’t the case right now.

With PRCA rodeos on hold due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, cowboys have plenty of time to be with their families, and five-time Wrangler National Finals Rodeo-qualifying steer wrestler Kyle Irwin (2014-15, 2017-19) is taking advantage of that.

“I have been spending a lot of time on the honey-do list,” Irwin said. “My wife (Randa) has a list a mile long, but it is all stuff we are enjoying doing. I’m getting to spend time with my family and just slow down. That’s the only thing you can do. I would sure love to be blowing and going wide open, but this is good. It is good for the soul and good for the mind. We will get to spend Easter at home and enjoy this time.”

Irwin, his wife and their children (son, Tripp, 3, and daughter, Ellie, 17 months) live in Westville, Fla.,about 70 minutes from Pensacola.

Although there’s no date when rodeo action will resume, Irwin is trying his best to stay sharp.

“The past couple of days it has been a family affair,” Irwin said about practicing. “My father-in-law (Ronnie Dewees) is out there, and I even let Randa haze for me the other day. We’re respecting the social distancing thing, but we’ve been practicing. I’ve also been riding a lot of young horses. I love Florida, but in the summertime, it’s hot. All the stuff we’ve been doing, just a little remodeling to the house, it’s nice weather, 85 degrees and the wind is blowing. As long as you put your phone down and don’t watch the news, it is really pretty peaceful.”

During this pandemic, Irwin is relying heavily on his faith.

“I believe God is in control of everything 100 percent,” Irwin said. “The human side of our thinking is we can’t help but wonder what about finances, the economy, and what about this and that. Everybody has to sit still. There’s a verse I love in the book of Psalms, “Be still, and know that I am God.” Right now, you can’t do anything, but just be still and trust him. They always say being a good Christian is like being a good cowboy, it takes practice, and this is some good practicing.”

When rodeos do resume, Irwin sees immediate positives.

“The good thing is now that we will not have to unofficial any rodeos, and I think committees will benefit from this because you will see a surplus of entries in a quick time,” Irwin said.

Courtesy of PRCA

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