Do Fish Attractants Really Work?

By Wrangler Network contributor and professional angler Ron Johnson

It’s a question I get all the time, “Do fish attractants really work?” and the simple answer is yes!

ron johnson

Photo provided by Ron Johnson.

Most of us spend a fair amount of time preparing for that exciting fishing trip or day to the lake. We spend hundreds of dollars on equipment and the latest lures looking for the right wiggle, wobble, profile, shape, size or color in hopes to present the most realistic presentation to trigger bites. I believe the more you can do to enhance the presentation offered into looking, feeling, smelling or tasting alive will only help you land more fish.

I have fished with many fish attractants over the years and my personal favorite is the Baitmate product. Fish love it and the Baitmate Fish Attractants contain live fish pheromones and include scale fleck which help not only attract the fish, but increase the amount of time a fish will hold onto the bait. I especially think attractants help entice that otherwise finicky fish into biting in cold water or under tough fishing conditions when the fish may otherwise be in a negative feeding mood.

I hope this fishing advice helps you catch your next big one! Best of luck on the water and stay tuned for more fishing advice right here on the Wrangler Network.

Ron Johnson – Professional Angler