Fill in the Blanks with the Swon Brothers

ES878994_CW3314_FITB_1-80.pdfCountry Weekly  had a chance to ask the Swon brother, Colton and Zac, a few questions:

I like it when . . .
Zach: My hotel room is freezing.
Colton: I have a full stomach.

My favorite TV show is . . .
Zach: Entourage.
Colton: The Office.

My favorite color is . . .
Zach: Black.
Colton: Black.

If I could be anyone for a day it would be . . .
Zach: Merle Haggard.
Colton: Elvis.
Zach: You’d have a rough life right now!

If I could change one thing about myself it would be . . .
Zach: My hot temper.
Colton: To be taller.

I would love to do a duet with . . .
Zach: Don Henley.
Colton: Blake Shelton.

The first thing I do in the morning is . . .
Zach: Drink a cup of coffee, followed by a Diet Mtn. Dew.
Colton: Shower.

I can’t live without . . .
Zach: My brother.
Colton: Jesus.

I wish I were . . .
Zach: Buffer . . . more muscles.
Colton: Taller.

The one word that describes my day today is . . .
Zach: Glorious.
Colton: Epic.

I think that _____ sucks.
Zach: Flying.
Colton: Traffic.

A guy can never have too many . . .
Zach: Tony Packo’s dill pickles.
Colton: Razors.

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