Kaycee Feild Talks Rodeo and the 2013 Wrangler NFR


Photo Courtesy of PRCA

Kaycee Feild talks about his first time on a horse, his idols and what gets him excited for competition.

Q: Tell us about your first bareback experience.

I remember my first pony ride; I did not want to be a bareback rider after that! We had some panels on the rail that were pretty tall and the horse rode me through the bottom of the rail and tried to wipe me off. I had a horse named Bayrub. He was pretty tame. I remember hanging on for dear life and my dad yelled, “Spur!” and I brought my feet up and fell off. Then the horse stopped and let me crawl back on and ride again.

Q: Who was your idol growing up?

My dad and Ty Murray (seven-time all around rodeo champion, 1989-1994, 1998).

Q: What gets you pumped for your event?

Remembering great rides, remembering when you get 90 and how that feels. When you get your blood pumping, get off the horse and hear your score.

Q: Do you have any pre-competition rituals?

No, not really. I usually like to be by myself about five minutes before my round and get it in my mind what I am going to do and get away from everyone else.

Q: What advice do you have for people getting into the rodeo world?

Stay tough. You have to have the heart to do it – especially roughstock. You’re going to get your bumps and bruises and everything like that, but you have to use it for the good. Things happen for a reason and you have to use it for the better.

Q: Tell us why you wear Wrangler Western jeans

They are the best. Long Live Cowboys!