Peek Shines at Mountain States Circuit Finals

Courtesy of Wrangler Network contributor Charlie Coon

Many Rocky Mountain rodeo stars shined this past weekend at the Mountain States Circuit Finals in Loveland, CO but none brighter than Colorado cowboy Josh Peek….and he did it with broken ribs. Peek is from Pueblo where his injury-riddled recent history began. It is hard enough to imagine swinging a loop in the tie-down roping with your ribs cracked let alone jumping from a horse to finish the job. Not only that Josh also competed in the steer wrestling in Loveland.

It was in the tie-down that he made hay winning the average by nearly 20 seconds. Peek won rounds one and two while placing in the final stanza Saturday night to take home $6,700 for the weekend. He is the Mountain States Circuit All-Around Champ in addition to garnering the circuit's steer wrestling and tie-down titles. He will therefore compete in both events at the RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo next spring in Florida.

We have Peek's round two tie-down win and his last run to show you but more importantly spent a few moments with a tough and thankful cowboy: