WEATHER GUARD PRCA World Standings Watch: Standings Shuffle – 29 Cowboys Move Up

With $1.24 million up for grabs among 21 PRCA rodeos across North America this past week, 29 cowboys saw their positions improve within the WEATHER GUARD® PRCA World Standings’ Top 15.

The final stretch of the 2017 regular season is in full swing with only 11 days left. ProRodeo’s top cowboys are racing to the finish line in hopes of qualifying for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo presented by Polaris RANGER.

Positions are changing rapidly and nobody climbed the standings more this week than team roping header Chad Masters who jumped from 15th to eighth thanks to winning $8,855 at the Pendleton (Ore.) Round-Up.

Having two rodeos with six-figure payoffs proved to be a major boost as cowboys competed for $501,684 in Pendleton and $158,796 at the New Mexico State Fair & Rodeo in Albuquerque.

The following cowboys saw their position in the world standings improve between Sept. 12-18.


• Chad Masters moved from 15th to eighth in team roping heading.


• Shay Good moved from 15th to 10th in steer roping.


• Trevor Brazile moved from ninth to fifth in steer roping.
• Brody Cress moved from 11th to seventh in saddle bronc riding.


• Jake Vold moved from 10th to seventh in bareback riding.
• Matt Shiozawa moved from 12th to ninth in tie-down roping.


• Clay Tryan moved from ninth to seventh in team roping heading.
• Justin Malone moved from 13th to 11th in tie-down roping.
• Cade Swor moved from 15th to 13th in tie-down roping.
• Boudreaux Campbell moved from 17th to 15th in bull riding.


• Shane Hanchey moved from fourth to third in tie-down roping.
• J.R. Vezain moved from fifth to fourth in bareback riding.
• CoBurn Bradshaw moved from fifth to fourth in saddle bronc riding.
• Scott Guenthner moved from sixth to fifth in steer wrestling.
• Riley Minor moved from sixth to fifth in team roping heading.
• Joe Frost moved from sixth to fifth in bull riding.
• Brady Minor moved from seventh to sixth in team roping heeling.
• Cole Melancon moved from 10th to ninth in bull riding.
• Dakota Eldridge moved from 11th to 10th in steer wrestling.
• Orin Larsen moved from 12th to 11th in bareback riding.
• Joseph Harrison moved from 12th to 11th in team roping heeling.
• Dustin Bowen moved from 12th to 11th in bull riding.
• Brennon Eldred moved from 13th to 12th in bull riding.
• Mason Clements moved from 14th to 13th in bareback riding.
• J.D. Struxness moved from 14th to 13th in steer wrestling.
• Chris Glover moved from 14th to 13th in steer roping.
• Audy Reed moved from 15th to 14th in saddle bronc riding.
• Steven Dent moved from 16th to 15th in bareback riding.
• Jeremy Buhler moved from 16th to 15th in team roping heeling.

Cowboys on the bubble for a spot in the Top 15 can find themselves just a few dollars short of making a Wrangler NFR qualification. The following cowboys climbed the standings to No. 16 this past week:

• Steer wrestler Clayton Hass moved from 21st to 16th and is $3,413 away from breaking into the Top 15.
• Steer roper Tuf Cooper moved from 17th to 16th and is $914 away from breaking into the Top 15.

With the American Royal Rodeo in Kansas City, Mo., on the horizon, the outcome of this rodeo and others are sure to impact the world standings, and solidify who will compete at the 2017 Wrangler NFR.

Check back with next week to see who the new leaders are in the world standings.

Courtesy of PRCA