WEATHER GUARD World Standings Watch: Jesse, Jesse, Jesse……Wrights up the Grass!

From outside the top 15 to 11th in 7 days…and, the Champ at Pendleton!


The heat coming from the WEATHER GUARD PRCA World Standings brings us so many great stories, and many new and old athletes to “watch”.

I enjoy so much seeing the reactions up close from not just the new winners like Stevi Hillman, who actually had tears of joy during her interview after the Victory Lap around the #GreenMile in Pendleton, but the veterans as well. Jesse Wright came from 18th to 11th this weekend with over $10,000 in winnings to make the jump with the other Wrights to make it 6 traveling partners and relatives to include brother in law CoBurn Bradshaw now in the top 15.

As of today, the Saddle Bronc WEATHER GUARD PRCA World Standings looks like this for UTAH: and Wright Family highlighted

Rank Name City State Earnings
1 Jacobs Crawley Boerne TX $166,024.53
2 CoBurn Bradshaw Beaver UT $125,400.78
3 Rusty Wright Milford UT $117,942.34
4 Zeke Thurston Big Valley AB $104,744.90
5 Jake Wright Milford UT $91,523.56
6 Cody DeMoss Heflin LA $84,768.01
7 Heith DeMoss Heflin LA $81,823.01
8 Clay Elliott Nanton AB $79,589.54
9 Allen Boore Axtell UT $72,230.66
10 Sterling Crawley Stephenville TX $70,256.41
11 Jesse Wright Milford UT $70,056.97
12 Cody Wright Milford UT $69,949.56
13 Ryder Wright Milford UT $69,478.79
14 Chuck Schmidt Keldron SD $69,129.13
15 Jake Watson Hudsons Hope BC $67,418.55
16 Tyrell J Smith Great Falls MT $67,159.14
17 Taos Muncy Corona NM $63,939.77
18 Chet Johnson Douglas WY $62,219.67
19 Layton Green Meeting Creek AB $61,094.40
20 Joe Lufkin Sallisaw OK $47,589.55

And as an Honorable Mention: Allen Boore also from Utah making his 1st trip to Vegas (not family, but notable).

We still have a two weekends to go, but here’s what excitement and rawness looks like when you move from 18th to 11th in one week and remember Jesse is a 2009 Resistol Rookie of the Year, a 5X qualifier for the WNFR, and a 2012 World Champion.

I’d say he still has the fire and the excitement about riding broncs that he did in 2009.

Stay tuned daily, it’s #MakeOrBreakTime in the WEATHER GUARD PRCA World Standings.


DavidSharpWEATHER GUARD World Standings Watch is written by David Sharp.