Aparecido Checks in from Brazil

Eduardo Aparecido closed out the 2014 Built Ford Tough Series ranked sixth in the world standings. Twenty-four hours after placing fourth at the World Finals he was already in the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport ready to return to Brazil.

Aparecido’s family does not live with him in the United States, therefore, he always returns to Brazil following the last ride of the Finals.

ES: You finished fourth at the World Finals by going 4-for-6. Your final ride was your best performance in Vegas – riding Roy for 93.25 points. Finishing the season strong must give you confidence for next year?

APARECIDO: Sure. I had a very good PBR Finals, especially on Sunday – I had my only score above 90 points of the season on my last ride. Riding Roy was special for me. It makes me excited to keep winning at the 2015 events. I am very happy and confident.

ES: In the last two years, your riding average has been 47 percent.  Can your fans expect an even better performance next year?

APARECIDO: Riding (close) to half of the bulls that I attempted to ride is a conquest. The PBR bulls are the best and toughest  in the world. However, I am getting ready here in Brazil to exceed this average. I am resting well and training hard. I’m ready to win each bull that challenges me in 2015. 

ES: Is there any bull that you respect, but do not like to ride?

APARECIDO: Yes, I greatly admire the work of Shepherd Hills Tested. I think he’s a very good bull – hard to get the 8 seconds. I don’t have a desire to ride him.

ES: Your daughters are getting older. I think every season gets harder for you to convince them that, “Daddy back quickly.” How are these days with them?

APARECIDO: It is always good to be with them and with my wife in Brazil. They are growing and smart. They know everything. I ride every bull thinking about them. Here in Brazil, I spend a lot of time with them, walking the horses together. All of this sacrifice is for their future.

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