Jarboe Takes First Night of Denver BlueDEF Tour Event

By: Justin Felisko
January 11, 2016

Roscoe Jarboe is leading the BlueDEF Tour event in Denver. Photo by Joe Tevana /

Roscoe Jarboe is leading the BlueDEF Tour event in Denver. Photo by Joe Tevana /

DENVER – Roscoe Jarboe watched his traveling mate Derek Kolbaba compete at the Built Ford Tough World Finals last year and on the PBR’s Built Ford Tough Series opener this past weekend.

“It fires you up seeing him up there,” Jarboe said. “It kind of makes you mad that you are not there with him. It definitely fires you up. It is going to be good when we are both up there.”

Jarboe put his emotions into high-octane action on Monday night at the BlueDEF Tour event during the National Western Stock Show with an 87.5-point ride on Smoke Wagon to win the opening round inside Denver Coliseum.

“I had heard nothing about him and seen some stats that he was real good,” Jarboe said. “He jumped out there and followed the gate around to the right and set me up for victory I guess. It was good.”

Kolbaba wasn’t far behind either, riding Smokin’ Guns for 86.5 points to finish third in the round.

“There was a great bull I kind of grew up watching called Doctor Proctor, and he was a Doctor Proctor calf so I knew he was going to be pretty strong, pretty wild and difficult,” Kolbaba said. “I beared down and I was able to work it out. 86.5 feels pretty good.”

In between the two 19-year-olds in the round was Cody Johnson with an 87-point ride aboard Beef Cake, and rounding out the Top-5 was Wyatt Greg and Simao de Silva with 85-point rides on Fast Freddie and Drifter.

There were a total of 13 qualified rides.

One of those being from world leader Wallace de Oliveira.

The 36-year-old rode Black Rain for 82.5 points for a ninth-place finish.

“He was difficult,” Oliveira said. “He (spun) to the right and then jumped one, two, three, four and kicked to the left. This is all mental for me. This time is very good for me.”

Oliveira won the BFTS season opener this past weekend by going 3-for-3.

All 13 riders with qualified rides Monday will advance to Wednesday’s final night of action and remain in the hunt for the event win and an automatic bid to the BFTS event in St. Louis on Feb. 12-14.

Fans can follow all of the action from Denver on Tuesday and Wednesday night starting at 9 p.m. ET on PBR LIVE. Three-time World Champion Silvano Alves and 2004 World Champion Mike Lee are just two of the BFTS stalwarts set to compete on Tuesday night.

Earning the BFTS exemption is the ultimate objective, and easiest way, for Jarboe to try and accomplish his goal of being a full-time BFTS rider.

The New Plymouth, Idaho, bull rider made his BFTS debut last year at Last Cowboy Standing.

The PBR announced on Monday that this year’s Last Cowboy Standing will headline the famous Helldorado Days on May 13-15 at the Las Vegas Village in Las Vegas.

Jarboe is no stranger to the bull riding world. His father, Beau, was a bull rider in the PRCA, and Beau nearly qualified for the National Finals Rodeo, says Roscoe.

“My dad rode bulls before me so I grew up with it,” Roscoe said. “As soon as I turned 18, I bought all of my stuff and started rodeoing.”

Coincidentally, Beau and Kolbaba’s father, Kyle, were traveling partners during their rodeo careers.

“His dad actually traveled with my dad,” Kolbaba said. “It is pretty cool. I kind of heard about him and when I was 15 going to those open deals around the house I met up with him and we started going together (to pro events) as soon as we turned 18. Here we are.”

As much as he is his buddy’s biggest supporter, Kolbaba also has his eyes on earning another trip to the BFTS.

“Heck yeah,” Kolbaba said. “That is what everybody is working for here. That would be pretty great.”

He later added that the best-case scenario would be for the two pards to be on the BFTS together.

“That would be awesome,” Kolbaba said. “It is always nice when you get comfortable. I have been real comfortable with a lot of those guys out there, but when you have a buddy like that you have known since you were little is pretty cool. That is how it is probably going to be here.”

Jarboe concluded, “It would be great. It would be cool to compete with him up on that stage.”

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Professional Bull Riders BlueDEF Tour Event Results:
Jan. 11- Denver, Colorado

Round 1 Results

1. Roscoe Jarboe 87.5
2. Cody Johnson 87
3. Derek Kolbaba 86.5
4. Wyatt Gregg 85
4. Simao da Silva 85
6. Ouncie Mitchell 84
6. Brady Sims 84
6. Lindomar Lino 84
9. Wallace de Oliveira 82.5
10. Cristiano Figueredo 81
10. Andrew Alvidrez 81
12. Derek McCormack 80
13. Tyler Harr 78.5

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