Oliveira’s Knee Improving in Brazil

By: Eugenio Jose Santos July 27, 2014@ 01:45:00 PM

Valdiron de Oliveira rides Euro for 86.75 points. Photo by Andre Silva /

SÃO JOSÉ DO RIO PRETO, Brazil – The summer break has been fun for Valdiron de Oliveira. He arrived in Brazil with a strong pain in his left knee after sustaining a tear to his PCL at Last Cowboy Standing.

So far this summer in Brazil, Oliveira has focused on his recovery and has been together with his family, but he did not stop riding bulls.

He drove his car over seven hours this weekend to participate in the Monster Energy PBR Brazil Rio Preto Rodeo Country Bulls, one of the three best rodeos in Brazil.

Valdiron de Oliveira rides Euro for 86.75 points in the second round of the Monster Energy PBR Brazil Rio Preto Rodeo Country Bulls.

Oliveira took a minute to catch up with

EJ: How is your knee now?

OLIVEIRA – “Good, I will return to the U.S. recovered, but in the beginning it was not easy to recover. In the Silvano Alves Invitation, it was really hard. Now I’m better.”

EJ: Last week, I was with you at the Rio Verde Rodeo, the largest of your state. I was in the arena filming and heard a noise of approximately thirty people screaming a lot during your ride. They were all together, behind the chutes. Who were they?

OLIVEIRA – “It was my family. They traveled in many cars to watch me ride. I only go to a few rodeos in Brazil. Especially in my state. They were watching me. It was really fun to have them there.”

EJ: What do you like to do here in Brazil?

OLIVEIRA – “I like to swim in the river. All of us together, family and friends, swim in the rivers of my hometown. We barbecue near the river. I also like eating the traditional food of my state.”

EJ: Talk about Goiás Food?

OLIVEIRA – “It’s a food with strong seasoning. With a lot of chicken, pork and regional fruit – Pequi. Pequi is perfect for temper rice. People from other states go to Goiás and are impressed with the flavor. I recomended it for Americans when they come to Brazil.”

EJ: For many years you were leading the world championship race in the PBR and would get hurt during the final events. That make ​​you upset or frustrated?

OLIVEIRA: “At first yes, I was very nervous, sad, but I now believe that God makes his will. If I do not win, OK. I was not to win then. I understand this. I’m very happy with everything that happened in my life riding bulls in the PBR.”

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