Open Class is a Brilliant Part of Fair

There are many categories in the open class at the Eagle County Fair and Rodeo, but they are all important to the community.

EAGLE, Colo. – There is something brilliant Glenda Wentworth experiences every year during the Eagle County Fair and Rodeo.

“I love seeing people bringing in their projects they’ve been working on and seeing the pride and excitement they have when they get here,” said Wentworth, an Eagle County Extension agent in family and consumer science. “You get a sense of community. You get to know people and what their talents are and what their skills are.”

It all commences Wednesday, July 19-Saturday, July 22, at the Eagle County Fairgrounds.

“It really makes your life more rewarding,” she said. “With some of these people, you only see them once a year. Eagle County is so spread out, so I don’t always see some of the people. That sense of community is what I love about the county fair.”

All the hours leading up to the four days of activities are worth it by the time the fair comes, especially for those in the extension office.

“The rodeo is a huge draw for people around here, but there’s so much we have to offer all over the fairgrounds,” Wentworth said. “Hopefully some of them will hit us in the open class; we’d sure like them to take a tour through there.

“If they can do the whole thing, it makes it more of a fair and rodeo.”

That is true. There are numerous classes of exhibits, the carnival, the fair food and the rodeo, so taking in every aspect makes for a wonderful experience, especially in Rocky Mountains.

“I came out to Eagle County the first time in 1981 and have been here full time since 1983,” she said. “I’ve been with the extension office for 19 years.

“We came here for our own personal business, a horseback-riding business. We love living here and love the climate. Because we don’t have a lot of family around, you tend to have a lot of close relationships with friends.”

And those friends include the open-class exhibitors. There’s something about developing relationships with people, even if she only sees them once a year.

“In the open class, photography is our biggest category,” Wentworth said. “There are a lot of people that take a lot of good pictures, and they submit them.

“But we have a lot of other good exhibits, like vegetables and crops to jams and jellies. It makes for a wonderful fair.”

Yes, it does.

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