The Morning Line: Anaheim, Day 3

Sean Willingham on TF1 Shanghai Heat:

This bull hasn’t given up a ride to a right-handed rider yet, but there’s a chance he will tonight. From what we’ve seen of him, he backs up under himself a little as he spins to the left, and any bull that wants a rider down on his head should fit Willingham.

Matt Triplett on  011 Super Cella:

There’s a chance this bull’s records may be mixed up, but I’m pretty sure Triplett had him at a Touring Pro Division event last summer and was 85.25 points on him. Another qualified ride is just what Triplett needs here — to keep everyone else in his rear view mirror. Triplett has struggled a little against the top-end bulls, but just about everyone does. He hasn’t let it affect him. If you ride every bull you are supposed to ride, and some of the ones you aren’t, you’ll be hard to beat, and that is exactly what Triplett has been doing.

Ryan Dirteater on 150Y Come Together:

We’ve only seen this bull a few times on tour, but he’s been around for a little while. He wrecked J.B. Mauney in Sacramento, California, by fouling him on the gate, and Douglas Duncan came down at the 7.6 second mark on him Friday Night. This is a bull who has pretty impressive numbers until you factor in that he really hasn’t faced a lot of top-level riders.

Mike Lee on T954 Hot Blooded:

In 10 career outs, Hot Blooded has given up just one ride — to J.W. Harris in Fresno, California, last March. This is a quality bull who does everything pretty well. He’s got decent speed, good jump and kick, and pretty even timing. He went to the left when Harris rode him, and that would suit Lee just fine. If he is consistent, he’ll be one of the better draws in this round.

Fabiano Vieira on  95X Danutso:

We saw Kasey Hayes go 85.5 points on Danutso in Round 1 here. This is a good bull, but probably not good enough to get Vieira on the ground. Vieira may be riding with a serious injury, but he didn’t look like it last night.

Kaique Pacheco on 903 Rock River Red:

This is the best bull that any of the guys with two scores have drawn tonight. Pacheco could easily win the round here, but first he has to make the whistle. Rock River Red is a good fit for right-handed riders, but he hasn’t been ridden since last August, and he’s faced some pretty fierce competition in the time since. He’s put a lot of very good riders on the ground, Shane Proctor being his most recent victim. Proctor had him last night, and also last week in the Sacramento short round.

Tyler Harr on 906 Boo-Ray:

Boo-Ray does give up some qualified rides, but usually to right-handed riders, so Harr will be at a little bit of a disadvantage here. But, the bull he has last night throws a lot of guys off, and Harr spurred him, so Harr should come into this matchup feeling pretty good about himself.

Nathan Schaper on 848 Classic Whoppin’:

Douglas Duncan rode this one last week for 87 points, and L.J. Jenkins bucked off of him Friday night. The way Schaper has been riding lately, he will be his bull’s toughest test in a while, and he should get another score here.

David Mason on 26Y Savage Moves:

We’ve seen this bull just twice on tour. Last week in Sacramento, Fabiano Vieira rode him for 87.25 points, and Friday night here Sean Willingham was 86 on him to split fifth place in the round. Mason has a good chance to go 3-for-3 here, because this is a pretty nice draw.


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