The Morning Line: Colorado Springs, Day 2

By: Slade Long May 03, 2014@ 08:40:00 AM

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. ― Event leader Fabiano Vieira leads the field into Round 2 of the Built Ford Tough Rumble in the Rockies.

Round 2 Matchups

Fabiano Vieira on W3 Crazy Action:

The last time we saw Crazy Action he was ridden for 89.25 points by Renato Nunes in Fresno, California. He goes to the left and is probably not as difficult as Nunes made him look. Vieira won Round 1 on Friday night and has a great chance to finish in the money in Round 2.

Matt Triplett on 040 Pushing Pills:

This is a debut bull. In the Touring Pro Division he’s been ridden four times in seven outs. Pushing Pills is 1-2 against right-handed riders. Those stats suggest he’s pretty nice to ride. Triplett should get a score here.

Claudio Crisostomo on 708 Delco:

They’ve met before, and Crisostomo got a score, but it was only 82.5 points in Springfield, Missouri, last year. He kept a low score Friday night and now needs a big score. He may not be able to get it here. In a four-round event, every score is important, but trying to get ahead by keeping low scores isn’t a viable plan for long-term success at this level.

Guilherme Marchi on 978 Little Red Jacket:

This bull likes to go to the right, and Marchi likes bulls that like to go to the right. Silvano Alves (86 points) and Valdiron de Oliveira (85.5) are the only two riders to have turned in a score on Little Red Jacket.

Guytin Tsosie on D05 Flint:

Flint has the best career average marking of any bull in this round, but he really hasn’t been producing big numbers this season. He’s given up seven qualified rides in 37 career outs, and six of those went to right-handed riders. The right-handed Tsosie has a good shot.

Shane Proctor rides Flint for 86.75 points in Round 1 of the 2013 PBR Kawasaki Invitational in St. Louis.

J.W. Harris on 901 For Sale:

I’m assuming this bull really is for sale, but, regardless, his records suggest he’s a decent draw for a right-handed guy. In eight career outs he’s been ridden twice – both times by right-handed riders.

J.B. Mauney on 594 Ropin’ Dreams:

Mauney didn’t draw well here. Ropin’ Dreams has been ridden just six times in 45 career outs. Mauney is one of his victims. They met in Biloxi, Mississippi, last year and Mauney only lasted 1.95 seconds.

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