The Morning Line: Sacramento, Day 2

There were lots of rides last night, and you can look for the bulls to be a little tougher tonight. There will be a lot of guys with two scores going into the Built Ford Tough Championship Round, and when they get there, the bulls will be considerably tougher. The top two or three riders going in will have a big advantage because there won’t be a lot of low- hanging fruit in the short round draft.

Bryan Titman on 24-0 Wilbur:

Bryan Titman earned his way here by winning a Velocity Tour event in Laredo, Texas, a couple weeks ago. Judging from what he saw last night, he must be planning to stay. He’s got a pretty good bull here, so far as we can tell. This bull has been ridden three times in seven career outs, and he’s 0-2 against right-handed riders.

Nathan Schaper on 691 Meathook:

Over the past few years, Meathook has been one of the most reliable and prolific round points producers in the PBR. Under the current point system, he would be in the Top 10 BFTS points earning bulls. Schaper has a great opportunity to cash in here. Every rider here would like to have drawn this bull, and every rider here is capable of riding him, but only if they don’t make a mistake.

Shane Proctor on 1051 Fire Kat:

Proctor did well in the round last night, and he could do better in Round 2. This is a debut bull, and he’s young, but in his most recent out Kaique Pacheco was 88 points on him at the ABBI Wild Card event in Las Vegas during the World Finals. Proctor is 10-for-13 on the season, and that is pretty impressive. He hasn’t drawn exceptionally well, and he’s only seventh in the standings. Seventh isn’t bad, but if he rides 76 percent of his bulls for the entire season he will certainly be in first by the World Finals.

Ryan Dirteater on 1095 Cowboy Phil:

Dirteater won the round on a very nice bull last night, but he will have a tougher task tonight. Cowboy Phil hasn’t been around too long, but he has been around long enough to throw off 14 of the 15 guys he’s faced, including JB Mauney and Matt Triplett. L.J. Jenkins rode him in Fresno, California, last season for 87.75 points, which was good for second in the round.

Tanner Byrne on 078 Grandpa Joe:

This bull made his BFTS debut in Chicago, where he threw off Renato Nunes and Sean Willingham. This is the bull that Nunes got his spur hung in the rope on. He spins to the right, and Byrne should get along with him. He’s been ridden a few times at the lower levels. The judges marked him to be one of the better bulls in Chicago.

Fabiano Vieira on 656 Quiet Riot:

This is certainly one of the better draws in this round, or in any round really. He was formerly known as New Holland Power Star. He’s not a bull that has produced a lot of round wins, but that’s only because a lot of his outs have been in short rounds, and he’s typically the nicest bull in the short round. He will typically produce scores in the 87-point range, and if Vieira comes down everyone on the back of the chutes will be surprised.

Kasey Hayes on 105Y Chantilly Lace:

Harve Stewart was 87.5 points on this bull last week in Oklahoma City in the ABBI Classic round. The bull typically will spin to the left, and at the moment I can’t see Hayes coming down from a bull that spins into his hand. He may not have placed in last night’s round, but he certainly made one of the most impressive rides. He wasn’t in perfect shape, but he made one perfect adjustment after another to stay in the middle. It was the kind of effort that other riders can appreciate.

Mike Lee on 018 Ranga:

This is will be the fourth time these two have met. Ranga won two of the previous three, but Lee rode him in their most recent meeting at the World Finals. This probably isn’t a good enough bull to win this round on, but he’s certainly good enough to help Lee place in the points. He’s been ridden just once this season — by Silvano Alves in the 15/15 round in New York.

Valdiron de Oliveira on 922 Modified Clyde:

Clyde is almost always the best draw in the rounds he’s in. He’s worth about 60 BFTS points every time they ride him, which is second place in the round. He’s capable of producing pretty big scores at times, even 90-point rides, but he’s been pretty stingy with right-handed riders. Only one righty has made the whistle on him in 33 career outs.


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