Behind The Chaps: Miss Rodeo Iowa

I believe good chaps can take you to good places! While traveling on the rodeo trail as Miss Rodeo Iowa, I am able to bring a piece of my home state with me, reminding me of my roots dug deep in the midwest. The beautiful wild prairie rose flows down the sides of my chaps like the rolling hills of home. When traveling through Iowa in June to late summer, you can see the natural beauty of these flowers as they bloom across the state. Our state bird, the goldfinch, shows its grace as it soars through the sky. This lively and colorful bird shows its loyalty to Iowa, just as I show my loyalty to the sport of rodeo. With Iowa being more than 85% farmland, we take pride in leading the nation in corn, pork, and egg production. The corn and pig on my chaps symbolize my family ties to farming in the heart of the midwest. The beauty of the Hawkeye state is symbolized on my chaps with all of these great things! Of all the fascinating places my chaps have taken me, there’s nothing like the charm of my home state. “Is this heaven?”, “no, this is Iowa”.

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