Standings Shuffle: 23 Move Up in Top 15

Even with a literal home-field advantage, bull rider Roscoe Jarboe had never been able to cover Western Rodeos’ Droptine while practicing at home in Idaho.

Western Rodeos keeps a lot of its bulls down the road from Jarboe’s home, so he often uses their bulls for practice.

“He (Droptine) has lunged at me twice, and I’ve never gotten past the 2-second mark on him,” said Jarboe, 24.

Their paths crossed at the Marvelous Xtreme Bull Madness in Vernal, Utah, March 12-13, and this time around Jarboe was the victor.

“I’d rather get it done at the bull riding than at the house, I suppose,” Jarboe laughed. “I’m glad it happened, but I have a lot more bulls to ride.”

Winning $5,132 in Vernal launched Jarboe 16 spots in the PRCA | RAM World Standings. Going from 31st to 15th was the biggest jump of the 23 ProRodeo athletes who advanced within the Top 15 of their respective events March 8-14.

“I think for myself it’s kind of something that should have happened a long time ago,” Jarboe said. “Later in the year you need to win something big for these big jumps, and that makes you more confident.”

The Idaho cowboy knows what it takes to make the National Finals Rodeo, having qualified four times (2016-18, 2020).

“It was a great X Bulls,” Jarboe said. “It surprised me when they gave away a gun, a muzzle loader and a set of spurs.”

Up next, Jarboe will be at the Southeastern Livestock Exposition & Rodeo in Montgomery, Ala. Fans can catch all the action on The Cowboy Channel and PRCA on Cowboy Channel Plus App. (See broadcast schedule)

“When you reach the Top 15 a guy wants to relax, but it’s so early in the year still and many things could happen,” Jarboe said. “You have to keep going at them and can’t slow down now. If you slow down, you’ll get passed and it will be harder to get into the Top 15. The guys behind you will push you to do better since they want to pass you, and the guys in front of you are thinking the same thing about you.”

With more major rodeos on the horizon, big jumps such as Jarboe’s are sure to happen again. The 23 cowboys who advanced within the Top 15 of their respective events March 8-14 are listed below.

12 Spots

Jake Orman moved from 22nd to 10th in team roping heading.
Chance Schott moved from 24th to 12th in bull riding.

Seven Spots

Justin Smith moved from 21st to 14th in tie-down roping.

Five Spots

Clayton Biglow moved from eighth to third in bareback riding.
Brenten Hall moved from 11th to sixth in team roping heading.
Kincade Henry moved from 13th to eighth in tie-down roping.

Four Spots

Chad Rutherford moved from 18th to 14th in bareback riding.
Chase Tryan moved from 10th to sixth in team roping heeling.

Three Spots

Jess Pope moved from 12th to ninth in bareback riding.
Trevor Nowlin moved from 17th to 14th in team roping heeling.

Two Spots

Tyler Waguespack moved from fifth to third in steer wrestling.
Wyatt Casper moved from ninth to seventh in saddle bronc riding.
Scott Guenthner moved rom 11th to ninth in steer wrestling.
Clayton Sellars moved from 11th to ninth in bull riding.
Treyson Antonick moved from 15th to 13th in saddle bronc riding.
Clint Summers moved from 17th to 15th in team roping heading.

One Spot

Cody DeMoss moved from fourth to third in saddle bronc riding.
Brye Crites moved from sixth to fifth in team roping heeling.
Ruger Piva moved from seventh to sixth in bull riding.
Tanner Aus moved from 13th to 12th in bareback riding.
Jake Kraupie moved from 15th to 14th in steer wrestling.
Jamie Howlett moved from 16th to 15th in bareback riding.

Cowboys on the bubble for a spot in the Top 15 can find themselves a few dollars short of qualifying for the Wrangler NFR. The end of the 2021 season is still a ways off, but it’s still noteworthy to see who is on the cusp of breaking into the Top 15.

Steer wrestler Eli Lord moved from 18th and is $130 away from breaking into the Top 15.

Check back with next week to see who the new leaders are in the world standings.

Courtesy of PRCA

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