Where Are They Now? Morgan Wallace, Miss Rodeo Wyoming 2018

If you watched the inaugural season of the Cowboy Channel’s series Rodeo Queens, you saw Morgan Wallace, Miss Rodeo Wyoming 2018, and her fellow state contestants competing for the title of Miss Rodeo America 2019.

One memorable sequence involved Morgan and her roommate Miss Rodeo Wisconsin 2018 Amanda Chmielewski bravely deconstructing the appearance of a rodeo queen by removing their hats and crowns, removing hair extensions, eye lashes and makeup, showing the red marks left on the foreheads by wearing their western hats all day.

The end-of-day routine reveal in their hotel room segued into their morning routine during the pageant, shot in the “diary cam” format.

In the episode, we see the roomies help each other face the early morning wakeup call and take on the next day.

The purpose of the series, produced by Jeff Medders, is to showcase the challenging and fabulous week that is the Miss Rodeo America Pageant. Morgan represented the Cowboy State very well, finishing among the Top Ten Finalists.

Originally from Laramie, WY, Morgan now resides in Stephenville, TX, where she is a Digital Advertising/Social Media specialist for the Professional Bull Riders organization.

Specifically, she programs all of the sport’s social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok, plus, she is involved in providing content plans for PBR’s national sponsors.

A graduate of the University of Wyoming with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication, Morgan relocated to the “Cowboy Capital of the World” Stephenville, TX, recently to pursue a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Tarleton State University.

“My short-term goal is to finish school,” said Wallace.

“I will then start my own consulting firm where I will provide digital strategy to organizations in the western industry.”

Morgan credits her experience as Miss Rodeo Wyoming for landing the job with the PBR.

“When I applied to work for the PBR, I hadn’t even graduated college yet,” said Wallace.

“I was told afterwards that having ‘Miss Rodeo Wyoming’ on my resume was what allowed them to overlook my lack of degree.”

“After I served as Miss Rodeo Wyoming, I knew that I wanted to use my business skills to leave a lasting impression on western sports.” “I really love that my job allows me to stay connected to the western industry.”

Morgan continues to be directly involved with the Miss Rodeo America Pageant by energizing the social media aspect of the organization. She recently launched an online series about each state’s crown origin story, featuring a beauty shot of each crown with an explanation of each crown’s design and history.

Also, she has been working with Miss Rodeo America 2020-21 Jordan Tierney on producing sponsor promos, travelogue videos and a variety of tutorial style videos, including how to style a beautiful and unique braid to tips on cooking beef dishes.

On serving as Miss Rodeo Wyoming, Morgan reminisces fondly about the travel experiences and the friendships made during her reign.

“Traveling with my best friends to rodeos all over the country was a dream come true,” said Wallace.

“I will never forget hosting all of my friends at Cheyenne Frontier Days and getting to run down the track at the Daddy of ‘Em All.”

Having her time at the Miss Rodeo America Pageant documented by The Cowboy Channel was a first-time occurrence for her and all of her fellow contestants that helped raise the awareness level of the hard work and emotion that is invested in the program.

“The Miss Rodeo America program changed my life – there is simply no other way to put it,” said Wallace.

“I gained confidence, skills and a passion for rodeo like I had never had before.”

“Competing in the pageant took a lot of hard work and wasn’t easy, but I was glad to be able to lean on my friends through that time.”

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