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2019 Wrangler NFR

Performance #10 - Bareback

No. Contestant Hometown Stock Draw Score Notes
83 Jake Brown Cleveland, TX 127 Gun Fire Ns Horse bucks right then hard left
44 Steven Dent Mullen, NE 159 Good Time Charlie 84.5 Horse sets up in front of the out gate then left
19 Tim O'Connell Zwingle, IA 169 Top Flight 91.5 His highest marked ride yet
109 Tanner Aus Granite Falls, MN 165 Top Egyptian 88.5 Tight circle to the right
95 Trenten Montero Winnemucca, NV 110 Virgil 89.5 What a great trip for the horse!
28 Clint Laye Cadogan, CAN, Alberta 158 Scarlet's Web 85 big jump out off the gate, down the arena
104 Taylor Broussard Estherwood, LA 130 Tip Off 82 Right to the fence and down the arena
14 Richmond Champion The Woodlands, TX 168 Faded Night 87.5 Great spur strokes
77 Ty Breuer Mandan, ND 139 All Pink 84 Tight circle to the right in front of chutes
4 Kaycee Field Genola, UT 172 Top Notch NS 5.88 Horse ducks then heads left
24 Caleb Bennett Corvallis, MT 173 Topped Off RR Horse fouls him
12 Tilden Hooper Carthage, TX 170 Scarlett Belle 88 Horse ducks/dives lots of change of direction
5 Orin Larsen Inglis, CAN, Manitoba 188 Junior Bonner 89 Big Rear down right side
3 Clayton Biglow Clements, CA 155 Stevie Knicks 93 Horse bucks to the left feet really turned out
67 Austin Foss Terrebonne, OR Out

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