Behind The Chaps: Miss Rodeo Kansas

One of the things I was looking forward to most while being Miss Rodeo Kansas was creating my dream chaps. I wanted a piece of art that would shine in and out of the arena. This is my first pair of custom chaps, and could not be more thrilled with how they came out. Lazy P Creations brought my dream to life with these Wizard of Oz themed chaps. With the ruby red boots and the emerald city being key elements to this design I wanted to unite the two with the yellow brick road. I wanted to add another telltale sign of Kansas and that is coming from the sunflowers in the hand-tooled uppers. One of my favorite parts of this piece is the moons that you can find on the ruby-red boots. Not only do these represent my middle name, but also my platform for the year “Rope the Moon” Everything about this design screams “Kansas,” and that is exactly what I had envisioned. A huge thank you to everyone who made these come to life!

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