Chiseled Makes Statement that he is Ready for Second-Half Push at Yeti World Championship

By: Justin Felisko

PUEBLO, Colo. – This past weekend’s Monster Energy Team Challenge, presented by U.S. Border Patrol, gave fans a high dose of high-octane bull power with seven of the 15 bulls in the championship game being marked 45 points or higher.

The 2020 YETI World Championship Bull race has been wide open for the majority of the season, and the passing of No. 1 contender Air Support one month ago has led to more question marks over which bull will become the front-runner during the second half of the 2020 Unleash The Beast.

Fans may have gotten a glimpse of the next World Champion when 2019 ABBI Classic Champion Chiseled erupted for a season-best, 47-point bull score this past Sunday.

Chiseled left the bucking chutes at the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center drifting and bucking to the left, disposing of Team Pendleton Whisky’s Boudreaux Campbell in 5.6 seconds.

“Boudreaux took his shot,” two-time World Champion and CBS analyst Justin McBride said on national television. “You can’t ask more than that from a guy. He just gets a little bit raised up and back. Chiseled has one heck of a day. What a trip for that bull. Boudreaux tried as hard as he could.”

Campbell gave credit where credit is due.

“He is a really good athlete,” Campbell said of the No. 2 bull in the 2020 YETI World Championship race. “Can’t ask one to buck much harder than that, but I’m ready for Chiseled and I to meet up again.”

McBride went on to say later on Championship Sunday that Chiseled once again has himself in the world title race.

“Chiseled was pretty darn special here against Boudreaux Campbell, and that may go a long way to helping him win a World Championship,” McBride said.

Campbell is the No. 3-ranked bull rider in the PRCA, and he is going to be primarily focusing on the PRCA run in July and early August. With the PBR announcing this past Sunday its second half of the Pendleton Whisky Velocity Tour, Campbell is tentatively entered in the Velocity Tour events in Dayton, Ohio (Aug. 15) and Fresno, California (Aug. 22-23).

“I have a bunch of PRCAs coming up, and when I can, go to some PBRs, but sitting third in the world for the PRCA, I have a real good chance on winning the world in the PRCA,” Campbell said. “I’m definitely wanting to come to the PBRs full time, but this year with all this COVID stuff it just makes it hard.”

Meanwhile, Chiseled’s 47-point score raised his World Champion Bull average to 45.68, which is No. 2 in the YETI World Champion Bull race standings, but is the best among active bulls.

Sunday was Chiseled’s best out since beginning the season with a 46.5-point effort when he bucked off Ezekiel Mitchell in 4.63 seconds.

The 47-point score also ties Chiseled’s career high from the 2019 PBR World Finals when Rubens Barbosa rode him for 95.75 points.

Chiseled is 6-1 this season, and he only needs one more out to officially make himself eligible for the 2020 world title.

The 2020 YETI World Champion Bull will be the bull with the highest combined average based upon his top eight regular-season premier series outs and two outs at the 2020 World Finals (Nov. 4-8) in Las Vegas.

As of now, the revised UTB schedule has 11 regular-season events and the 2020 PBR World Finals (Nov. 4-8).

Here is a look at some other standout bull outs at the METC.

Hurricane Party (46 points) – Hurricane Party was marked a career-best 46 points when he erupted during his 3.46-second buckoff of Matt Triplett. Hurricane Party went 3-0 at the METC, posting an additional two 44.5-point bull scores for bucking off Cody Nance (3.48 seconds) and Scottie Knapp (5 seconds). Hurricane Party is 20th in the YETI World Champion Bull standings with a 44.25-point average.

Smooth Operator (45.75 points) – The reigning World Champion Bull picked up 45.75 points after bucking off Marco Eguchi in 3.93 seconds. Smooth Operator is No. 3 in the world standings with a 45.47-point average. Smooth Operator and Hocus Pocus are the only two bulls in the Top 10 that have eight outs on record this season.

Milk Man (45.75 points) – Amadeu Campos was no match for Milk Man in the championship game, lasting 4.99 seconds as Milk Man was scored 45.75 points. Milk Man went 4-0 at the METC for an average bull score of 44.56 points. The 45.75-point score is the second-best of Milk Man’s career at all levels of competition. The J.W. Hart bovine athlete earned a 47.5-point score at The American in February when he bucked off Derek Kolbaba (2.02 seconds). Milk Man is 11th in the World Championship race.

Drago (45.75 points) – Drago gave six-time PRCA champion Sage Kimzey quite the hello when he slammed him in 2.37 seconds for 45.75 points. Drago went 4-0 at the METC to surge to No. 14 in the world standings (44.38).

Marquis Metal Works Bill The Butcher (45.75 points) – Bill The Butcher bucked four times at the METC, posting one 45.75 point score (2.33 seconds vs. Aaron Pass) and providing a 91-point ride with Cooper Davis. Bill The Butcher also bucked in the Velocity Tour event in Sioux Falls, which does not count toward the World Champion Bull race, and posted another 45.75-point score for bucking off Kache Moosman in 3.11 seconds. Bill the Butcher is tied for 14th in the world standings with Drago, Night Hawk and Safety Meeting. However, Bill the Butcher and Safety Meeting are the only two bulls in that group with eight or more outs.

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