Records at Stake During Busy Weekend on ProRodeo Tour

The ProRodeo Tour presented by Pendleton Whisky is heating up with just six weeks left in the regular season.

Five Tour rodeos are on tap this week (Aug. 16-21), and one of those key stops is the Caldwell (Idaho) Night Rodeo.

PRCA veteran tie-down roper Blair Burk is one of the record holders at the 72-year-old rodeo. In 2011, he set the rodeo record with a 6.9-second run to secure a round win.

“Caldwell is one of my favorite rodeos to go to, and of course, it’s nice to be a record holder at an event like that,” said Burk, 48. “Anytime you are six seconds you have to have a good calf, and that night I definitely did. I made one of those runs where everything just falls together.”

Burk purchased his PRCA card in 1992 and has made the most of his time in the sport. He qualified for 14 National Finals Rodeos (1995-07, 2009), setting other rodeo records along the way. It wouldn’t shock him if the one in Caldwell goes tumbling down in the coming years.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if that isn’t broken before too long, records are made to broken and I think that’s exactly what’s going to happen with the way the sport is headed,” Burk said. “6.9 is a good run anywhere though, so maybe that Caldwell record will stand for a little longer.”

In addition to the Caldwell Night Rodeo, four other ProRodeo Tour events are set for the weekend of Aug. 20-22. Those rodeos are the Canby (Ore.) Rodeo, Fallon County Fair & PRCA Rodeo in Baker, Mont., Yellowstone River Round-Up in Billings, Mont., and the Gooding (Idaho) Pro Rodeo.

Below, are the arena records for those rodeos.

Caldwell Night Rodeo Records (Caldwell, Idaho)

Total payout: $327,501, 2019
All-around: $10,944, Trevor Brazile, 2008
Bareback riding: 91 points, Steven Dent, 2008; Kaycee Feild, 2019
Steer wrestling: 3.5 seconds, Rod Currin, 1986; Casey McMillen, 2007; Kyle Irwin, 2017 (11.3/3, Rowdy Parrott, 2017)
Team roping: 3.8 seconds, Colter Todd/Cesar de la Cruz, 2007; Garrett Tonozzi/Caleb Twisselman, 2007 (14.5/3, Brandon Beers/Jim Ross Cooper, 2014)
Saddle bronc riding: 91 points, Shaun Stroh, 2010
Tie-down roping: 6.9 seconds, Blair Burk, 2011 (23.8/3, Justin Maass, 2012; Cory Solomon, 2013)
Barrel racing: 16.68, Stevi Hillman, 2017 (50.69/3, Stevi Hillman, 2017)
Bull riding: 94 points, Lee Akin, 2001 (183/2, Lee Akin, 2001)

Fallon County Fair & Rodeo Records

Total payout: $198,433, 2017
All-around: $6,678, Dakota Eldridge, tie-down roping and steer wrestling, and Junior Nogueira, tie-down roping and team roping, 2017
Bareback riding: 91, Tim O’Connell, 2018; Richmond Champion, 2019
Steer wrestling: 3.2 seconds, Riley Reiss, 2020; Cade Staton, 2020; Dylan Schroeder, 2020
Team roping: 4.1 seconds, Luke Brown/Jake Long, 2016
Saddle bronc riding: 90 points, Brody Cress, 2019
Tie-down roping: 7.7 seconds, Shane Hanchey, 2020
Barrel racing: 14.52 seconds, Jana Griemsman, 2016
Steer roping: 9.2 seconds, Reo Lohse, 2020; Tuf Cooper, 2020 (34.8/3 Brodie Poppino, 2018)
Bull riding: 87.5 points, Tim Bingham, 2018

Yellowstone River Round-Up Rodeo Records

Total payout: $138,912, 2016
All-around: $4,949, Junior Nogueira, 2016
Bareback riding: 86 points, J.R. Vezain, 2014; Clint Laye, 2015; Devan Reilly, 2020
Steer wrestling: 3.2 seconds, Shawn Downing, 2013
Team roping: (tie) 4.4 seconds, Kaleb Driggers/Junior Nogueira, 2016; Clay Tryan/Jade Corkill, 2017; Kellan Johnson/Carson Johnson, 2019
Saddle bronc riding: 87 points, Cole Elshere, 2012; Chet Smith, 2013; Rusty Wright, 2016
Tie-down roping: 7.7 seconds, Marty Yates, 2013
Barrel racing: 17.15 seconds, Christine Laughlin, 2017
Steer roping: 8.8 seconds, Rocky Patterson, 2015 (33.9/3, Shay Good, 2016; 46.5/4, Rocky Patterson, 2017)
Bull riding: 89 points, Payton Fitzpatrick, 2019

* Although the Yellowstone River Round-up at Billings, Mont., is an old rodeo with a lot of history, the rodeo didn’t join ProRodeo until 2010.

Canby Rodeo Records

Total payout: $175,258, 2020
All-around: $5,760, Steve Woolsey, 2010
Bareback riding: 89 points, Orin Larsen, 2018
Steer wrestling: 3.2 seconds, Jake Rinehart, 2009 (7.2/2, Kody Woodward, 2012)
Team roping: 4.2 seconds, Luke Brown/Monty Joe Petska, 2008; Jake Stanley/Walt Woodard, 2010; Aaron Tsinigine/Ty Romo, 2017 (9.5/2, Clay Smith/Paul Eaves, 2016; Chad Masters/Travis Graves, 2017 )
Saddle bronc riding: 89 points, Wade Sundell, 2009; Clay Elliott, 2018
Tie-down roping: 7.0 seconds, Scott Kormos, 2008 (15.0/2, Blair Burk, 2009)
Barrel racing: 15.90 seconds, Renee Gossett, 2000 and 2003
Bull riding: 93 points, Myron Duarte, 1996; Jason Mattox, 2006

Courtesy of PRCA

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