Roach, Tuff and Lane Hedeman on Lane Frost

A Wrangler Network special video presentation.


Wrangler Network’s David Sharp visits with the Hedeman men during the recent Cheyenne Frontier Days.

Tuff’s son, Lane, talks about being a namesake to Frost and how it motivates him to be a better person. Gary “Roach” Hedeman, working for Bad Company Rodeo at the 1989 Cheyenne Frontier Days, remembers waking up on July 30 and thinking “it was a good day to be at the daddy”. Cloudy, cool, livestock was bucking and the scores were good. Roach pulled the flank rope on Lane’s last bull – “Taking Care of Business”.

Lane’s close friend, Tuff Hedeman talks about his own remarkable win in the 10th round of the 1989 NFR over “Razor” Jim Sharp. Once the whistle blew and Tuff knew he had won the world championship, he kept riding for Lane. It was an emotional moment for Tuff …”it was the only time I’ve gotten off a bull with tears running down my face.”

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Twenty-five years ago, Lane Frost died in a bull riding accident during Cheyenne Frontier Days. His life – and death – changed rodeo forever. The Wrangler Network presents a special tribute to Lane Frost “25 years in 25 days” to mark rodeo’s loss of one its most iconic figures. Check each day through July 30 for stories, photos and videos.

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