Rookie John Crimber Wins PBR Ruidoso via Perfect Night

By Jay Blasingame

RUIDOSO, New Mexico – The energy from an excited crowd filled Ruidoso Racetrack’s stands on Saturday night as John Crimber (Decatur, Texas) clinched yet another event win at the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) Challenger Series: PBR Ruidoso.

As the extraordinary animal athletes of the PBR dominated all but five of their 35 matchups throughout the opening round, the rookie phenomenon was paired with Tootsie Roll (Mason Bucking Bulls). Crimber’s solid Round 1 score of 85.5 points aboard the bovine put him through to the championship round.

Crimber was then the only man to go 2-for-2 and have a flawless night as he bested Butterfly Kisses (Flying S/New West Pro Rodeo) for 82.5 points.

With only five events remaining in the regular season, the 18-year-old cowboy leaves Ruidoso with 126 Challenger Series points, claiming his seventh win since the start of his professional career a month ago.


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Fellow Texan Kaiden Loud (Kaufman, Texas) was the No. 2 man in New Mexico, courtesy of his 1-for-2 effort.

In Round 1, Loud was paired with Kaboom (Jenkins Cattle Co.). Despite his sound efforts as the night began, he was dispatched after a mere 7.77 seconds.

He then set his sights on the championship round, aboard his bovine opponent Bolo (Richardson Land & Cattle Co). Loud came out victorious in this matchup with an 84-point ride.

Loud collected 78 Challenger Series points for his efforts.

Wyatt Nez (Flagstaff, Arizona) kept the 1-for-2 streak going by besting his Round 1 opponent Rollin Loud (Darrell Curley) for 83 points. He was then bucked off by Free Bird (Flying S/New West Pro Rodeo) in the championship round in a mere 2.28 seconds.

The Arizona native earned 54 Challenger Series points for his third-place finish.

Stetson Lewis (Alamogordo, New Mexico) captured fourth place overall at the Ruidoso Racetrack Saturday night.

In round 1, the New Mexico cowboy was matched up against Old School Cool (Flying C/Tom Baker). His impressive ride aboard the animal athlete secured him a fourth place finish courtesy of an 81.5-point ride.

Moving on to the championship round, Lewis climbed aboard King (Jenkins Cattle Co.). His efforts aside, the bull won the matchup, tossing him in just 2.06 seconds.

After his 1-for-2 night, McDowell earned 38 Challenger Series points.

Douglas Lino de Souza (Morro Agudo, Brazil) rounded out the Top 5 at the one-night Ruidoso event.

The Brazillian talent was matched with Lemonade (Yount Bucking Bulls, LLC) for 80.5 points in the opening round, but was bucked off by Hulk (Jenkins Cattle Co.) in a thrilling 1.8 seconds in the Championship Round.

Despite his less-than-ideal night in Ruidoso, the cowboy collected 33 Challenger Series points.

The talented bull riders of the Challenger Series will next head to Fort Worth, Texas, for the PBR Stockyards Showcase at Cowtown Coliseum on Oct. 5 followed by a double-header weekend split between Ohio and North Carolina. The Congress PBR will take place on Friday, Oct. 6 inside of the Ohio Exo Center Coliseum at 7 p.m. EDT while the WCRA Rodeo Carolina will take place across Oct. 6-8 at the Tryon International Stadium.

PBR Challenger Series
PBR Ruidoso Ruidoso Racetrack
Ruidoso, New Mexico
Event Leaders (Round 1-Round 2-Event Aggregate-Event Points)

1. John Crimber, 85.5-82.5-168.00-126 Points.
2. Kaiden Loud, 0-84-84.00-78 Points.
3. Wyatt Nez, 83-0-83.00-54 Points.
4. Stetson Lewis [1], 81.5-0-81.50-38 Points.
5. Douglas Lino de Souza, 80.5-0-80.50-33 Points.
6. Mauricio Gulla Moreira, 79-0-79.00-19 Points.
7. Wyatt Rogers [1], 26-0-26.00-12 Points.
Ednei Caminhas, 0-0-0.00
Wyatt Rogers [2], 0-0-0.00
Chase Wimer, 0-0-0.00
Brandon Chambers, 0-0-0.00
Elijah Mora [1], 0-0-0.00
Elijah Mora [2], 0-0-0.00
Trace Brown [1], 0-0-0.00
Trace Brown [2], 0-0-0.00
Alvaro Ariel, 0-0-0.00
Carlos Gomes Junior [1], 0-0-0.00
Carlos Gomes Junior [2], 0-0-0.00
Travis Wimberley, 0-0-0.00
Elijah Monnett, 0-0-0.00
Boogie Marquez, 0-0-0.00
William Wright, 0-0-0.00
Andy Bohl, 0-0-0.00
Stetson Lewis [2], 0-0-0.00
Luke Parkinson, 0-0-0.00
Collin Williams, 0-0-0.00
Sterling Furr, 0-0-0.00
Colt Robinson, 0-0-0.00
Garrett Jones, 0-0-0.00
Joseph Vazquez [1], 0-0-0.00
Joseph Vazquez [2], 0-0-0.00
Joshua Spears, 0-0-0.00
Ben Bode, 0-0-0.00
Noah Jeffers, 0-0-0.00
Khevain Lee Rorigues Nobriga, 0-0-0.00

Photo courtesy of Andre Silva/Bull Stock Media

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