Equine Hemp Solutions Joins PRCA as National Partner

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association®(PRCA) is proud to announce that Equine Hemp Solutions is a new National Partner of the PRCA.

Equine Hemp Solutions is an equine supplement made of a blend of more than 23 flavonoid compounds that creates an almost unbeatable combination for the performance horse owner when it comes to maintaining overall gut health, helping maintain strong bones, and the pressures associated with consistent use of horses.

“Equine Hemp Solutions is excited about this partnership with PRCA and being able to showcase the natural benefits of HempFlavin and our hemp bedding to the members of the PRCA,” said Brian Dickerson, owner of EHS. “As the PRCA has demonstrated its unparalleled ability to provide the best in equine and western competition, Equine Hemp Solutions creates the highest quality and bioavailable hemp products for the equine athlete. Being a part of the NFR Experience is such an honor for Equine Hemp Solutions and our HempFlavin products.”

Customers have also been thrilled with the product.

“Since we’ve started using Hempflavin our horses are calmer, more willing, and more athletic. With Hempflavin products we’re not just treating a symptom but actually helping the horse,” said Billy and Rosemary Atwood, cutting horse trainers and owners.

EHS has a range of products that safely and effectively provides performance horses and riders with flavonoids which enhances bone and joint health, keeps the digestive tract functioning properly and may help reduce the possibility of colic. The oral supplementation side of Equine Hemp Solutions comes in either a pellet or liquid and is entirely water-soluble. This allows for the supplements to be easily absorbed into the bloodstream with no risk of overuse and no strain on the kidneys and liver.

“Since starting Spit on Hempflavin, he now has the three C’s it takes to win – Competence, Confidence, and Consistency,” barrel racer Michelle Alley said.

The EHS HempFlavin is very unique and is derived from heirloom hemp plants which are more than 2,000 years old. Many people think since it says Hemp in the name, the product must contain THC. According to Equine Hemp Solutions, its Hempflavin products contain NO CBD or THC, so they are performance safe.

The flavonoid from the heirloom plants produces amazing results in horses ranging from an increase in focus, to managing normal stress, supporting normal muscle recovery and fewer, if not the complete elimination of injections, while promoting muscle integrity and definition. EHS also offers products that aid and promote wound and skin recovery.

“We are thrilled to have Equine Hemp Solutions join the PRCA as a national partner,” PRCA Chief Marketing Officer Steve Rempelos said. “The Hempflavin brand is a natural equine supplement that has proven to benefit rodeo’s equine athletes, and their support of the PRCA at the championship level of our sport is valued.”

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Courtesy of PRCA

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