PRCA Standings Shuffle: Dirk Tavenner Climbs into Top 15 With Big Cowboy Christmas

Heading into the Cowboy Christmas run, steer wrestler Dirk Tavenner found himself on the outside looking in on the Top 15 ofthe PRCA | RAM World Standings after a slow winter run.

That all changed for the Rigby, Idaho, cowboy after he finished in the top two at three different rodeos over the 10-day stretch.

“I had a good buddy group that led us to a lot of success over Cowboy Christmas and the Fourth of July run,” said Tavenner, 30. “The horsepower worked fantastic, and we had two different teams going everywhere. I got things rolling early in Prescott (Ariz.) and the ball just kept rolling. It just got fun and easy; things were clicking for me.”

Tavenner started the week 26th in the world standings. He wrapped up his Cowboy Christmas run sitting ninth in the standings after earning $28,575.

“A week like that gives you a chance, I think I had just over a thousand dollars going into Red Bluff (Calif.),” Tavenner said. “It takes a little bit of the pressure off going into the next couple of weeks, because you’re not just having to hope things go well every time you get on a horse.”

A big chunk of Tavenner’s earnings came from one of the best runs of his career. He clocked a 3.3-second run to win the Oakley (Utah) Independence Day Rodeo, taking home $4,175.

“3.3 is definitely one of the fastest runs I’ve ever had,” Tavenner said. “It was one of those picture-perfect scenarios. I got a good steer, a great start, and my hazer did a great job of having them picked up for me.”

Tavenner’s next run will be at the Dinosaur Roundup Rodeo in Vernal, Utah, on July 9.

Below, are the other cowboys who moved within the Top 15 of the PRCA | RAM World Standings.

17 Spots

• Team roping header Kaleb Driggers moved up in the standings from 28th to 11th.

14 Spots

• Bull rider Jordan Wacey Spears jumped from 29th to 15th.

13 Spots

• Team roping heeler Cory Petska went from 22nd to ninth.

10 Spots

• Tie-down roper Andrew Burks moved up from 19th to ninth.

Eight Spots

• Team roping heeler Ross Ashford jumped from 16th to eighth.
• Steer wrestler Luke Branquinho moved in the standings from 16th to eighth.
• Team roping heeler Trey Yates went from 23rd to 15th.

Seven Spots

• Bareback rider Jess Pope moved from 16th to ninth.

Six Spots

• Team roping header Derrick Begay jumped in the standings from ninth to third.
• Steer wrestler Stetson Jorgensen went from 18th to 12th.
• Steer roper Clay Long jumped from 20th to 14th.
• Team roping header Clint Summers moved up from 14th to eighth.

Four Spots

• Bull rider Boudreaux Campbell went up the standings from 13th to ninth.
• Tie-down roper Cory Solomon jumped up from 12th to eighth.

Three Spots

• Bareback rider Caleb Bennett moved up from eighth to fifth.
• Steer roper Roger Branch went up from 18th to 15th.
• Tie-down roper Hunter Herrin jumped in the standings from 14th to 11th.
• Bareback rider Zach Hibler moved from 15th to 12th.
• Team roping heeler Junior Nogueira went from seventh to fourth.
• Team roping header Garrett Rogers jumped from 18th to 15th.
• Saddle bronc rider Wade Sundell moved from 18th to 15th.
• Bull rider Creek Young went up in the standings from 10th to seventh.

Two Spots

• Saddle bronc rider Brody Cress went from seventh to fifth.
• Team roping heeler Jake Minor jumped from 14th to 12th.
• Team roping header Rhen Richard moved up from 16th to 14th.

One Spot

• Bull rider Trey Benton III moved in the standings from 14th to 13th.
• Steer wrestler Jesse Brown went from fourth to third.
• Saddle bronc rider Wyatt Casper moved up from 10th to ninth.
• Tie-down roper Tuf Case Cooper moved from second to first.
• Team roping heeler Jade Corkill went up from sixth to fifth.
• Steer wrestler Hunter Cure went from 12th to 11th.
• Team roping header Dustin Egusquiza moved up in the standings from second to first.
• Saddle bronc rider Shorty Garrett went from 13th to 12th.
• Steer roper Shay Good went from seventh to sixth.
• Team roping heeler Travis Graves moved from third to second.
• Steer roper Chet Herren went up in the standings from 11th to 10th.
• Tie-down roper Kyle Lucas went from eighth to seventh.
• Bull rider J.B. Mauney moved up from sixth to fifth.
• Tie-down roper Shad Mayfield went from fifth to fourth.
• Saddle bronc rider Sage Newman moved in the standings from 14th to 13th.
• Steer roper Corey Ross moved from 10th to ninth.
• Steer roper Taylor Santos went from eighth to seventh.
• Bull rider Clayton Sellars moved from fifth to fourth.
• Tie-down roper Justin Smith moved from 13th to 12th.
• Saddle bronc rider Tegan Smith went up in the standings from ninth to eighth.
• Team roping header Cody Snow moved from sixth to fifth.
• Team roping header Tyler Wade moved from 11th to 10th.

On the Bubble

• Bareback rider Mason Clements went from 22nd to 16th and is $898 away from the Top 15.
• Steer wrestler Cody Devers jumped from 19th to 16th and is $873 away from the Top 15.
• Bull rider Brady Portenier moved from 19th to 16th and is $1,003 away from the Top 15.
• Tie-down roper Taylor Santos went up from 20th to 16th and is $2,229 away from the Top 15.

Courtesy of PRCA

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