A Modern Day Lonesome Dove Promise

Jonathan's Journey

Photo provided by Winston Hall

One cowboy, one thousand miles and one promise.

This is a modern day “Lonesome Dove.”

March 13, Winston Hall departed Avitia Ranch in Coryell County, Texas, on horseback to journey all the way to Wind River Ranch in Estes Park, Colo., to honor his late friend, Jonathan Avitia.

Winston and Jonathan became friends at a very young age and quickly grew to become as close as brothers. Through the years, the two enjoyed many experiences together, but one in particular stood out as a defining moment in both of their lives: the years they spent working together as wranglers at Wind River Ranch. Their time at the ranch transformed boys into men and became representative of what they wanted the rest of their lives to embody: big dreams, embracing every moment, and living life to the fullest.

In October 2011, their story took an unexpected turn as Jonathan was diagnosed with an Extragonadal germ cell tumor. Just a year later, with all of his treatment options exhausted, Jonathan reached out to his old friend and gifted him with a beloved horse saddle from their days together at Wind River Ranch. He asked his friend to make sure it found its way back to the ranch that meant so much to both of them in their younger days.

Winston is now making good on his promise by putting the saddle on a horse and riding it all the way from his home in Texas to Wind River Ranch in Colorado. Afterward, Winston plans to write a memoir recounting his journey on horseback, and the story of how one friendship had a profound impact on his life.

Stay tuned for more and you can learn about “Jonathan’s Journey” here.