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Wrangler Legends: Crash Thomas

US Army Veteran Zach Thomas took up bareback bronc riding to help his reintegration to civilian life, but after a near-fatal wreck at a collegiate rodeo, he had to muster a new kind of bravery to get back to the arena.

Wrangler Legends: Call of the Wind

Meet the fierce all-female tribe behind the Wild Gypsy Tour, a group devoted to welcoming motorcycle enthusiasts of all types, bikes, kinds and colors, in our latest Wrangler Legend “Call of the Wind”

Braxten Nielsen ‘Born to Succeed’

This wasn’t a dream. My dream of becoming a world champion bareback rider, it wasn’t that anymore; my dream was just to get my legs back.” With less than a 5% chance to walk after breaking his back, Utah cowboy, Braxten Nielsen is defying all odds with every step he takes. Like Braxton says, “We as individuals are Born to Succeed…” And truly know, that You’re Born to Succeed!” Produced by V6 Media.

Tunnel Vision: The Story of an American Bull Rider

“There’s people that don’t understand why we do what we do. You gotta be pretty tough and you gotta have a lot of heart. If you ride bulls, you’re gonna get hurt.” This is minor league bull riding. Each weekend, riders risk their lives for pride and a thousand dollars. If they lose, they get nothing.

Wrangler Legends: Federation of Black Cowboys

The Federation of Black Cowboys (FBC) might be one of New York City’s best-kept secrets. The organization, officially formed in the early 90s, is committed to preserving the western way of life, even in the juxtaposition of a fast-paced, big city.

Jerome Davis: One Percent

An inspiring story of determination from one of the PBR’s founders and early stars. You won’t believe what can be accomplished with a one percent chance until you meet Jerome Davis.

They’re Still Among Us

Filmmaker Joseph Haeberle tells the story of the modern-day cowboy to explore the tradition-rich history of the sport of rodeo.

Helping Hands

The Cattlemen’s Day’s Tough Enough To Wear Pink chapter has raised over $2 million to support their local community, making them one of the most successful TETWP programs in all of rodeo. This film features the organization’s yearly auction, featuring hall-of-fame songwriter Dean Dillon, songwriter Trent Willmon and Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association Commissioner Karl Stressman.

Love the Land

Wrangler has teamed up with the Newby family—seventh-generation farmers from Athens, Alabama—as part of its pilot program to help U.S. cotton farmers reach the next level in sustainable growing practices. Wrangler purchases roughly half of the cotton for its products from U.S. growers. The U.S. cotton industry outperforms most other cotton-growing regions of the world on environmental metrics. However, Wrangler wants to determine how even greater environmental and economic benefits can be achieved through a programmatic focus on soil health in the U.S. To learn more about the Wrangler brand’s commitment to healthy soil, visit