Laramie Bull Riding Jubilee

Courtesy of Wrangler Network contributor Charlie Coon

The Laramie Jubilee Days Xtreme Bulls competition in southeast Wyoming on Thursday evening featured vivid displays of all the things that make for a fan extravaganza including gymnastic dismounts, long horned and dangerous behemoths with bad attitudes, form-fitting rides, cowboy protection extraordinaire and even a raucous attack on a RAM fence gate.

Idaho bull rider Chase Robbins spun for top honors scoring 87 points in tandem with a draw from Burch Rodeo Co. called “Scarface” to earn more than $3,800. Lead livestock contractor Summit Pro Rodeo saw their rising star “Red Image” make quick work of former PBR world champ Ednei Caminhas. And a Wrangler/PRCA judge who will be subject of a forthcoming feature story here allowed us a unique stay at his side to gather insight.