Meet 3-Year-Old Bull Rider Kasen Asay

By Wrangler Network contributor Charlie Coon

He is the only pro bull rider to win the Xtreme Bulls Tour season twice. He won the NFR average with best friend bullfighter Dusty Tuckness in the Las Vegas arena providing protection. Over the Memorial Day Weekend a whole new world opened for the Kanin Asay family. The 29-year-old bull rider from Powell, Wyoming launched what could very well become a career for his son Kasen. The Mighty Mouse II era began. Kanin went by the nickname Mighty Mouse early in his career.

Kasen Asay is just three years old and built, shall we say, close to the ground. He stood tall for dad Kanin who brought the family to bull rider Josh Koschel’s Rodeo Bible Camp near Nunn, Colorado. Mom Sydney Asay was a little apprehensive but in total support of what her little man had in mind to accomplish on a mini-bull called Spud.

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