WEATHER GUARD PRCA World Standings Watch: 2017, All Eyes Focused on WNFR

and btw…Rodeo Still Great Again!

We start off our 1st Live Stream of a PRCA event today in Ft. Worth, TX with PRCA XtremeBulls in one of the most iconic buildings and with the most recognizable voices in our sport.

Bob Tallman reminds the crowd that the race for 2017 is already well underway. I also have a new favorite gritty rider and name for 2017, it’s Boudreaux Campbell in the bull riding. Watch out for this guy!

So, I gotta be honest, as I look at the 2017 WEATHER GUARD PRCA World Standings and not seeing the 2016 WNFR Canadian qualifiers and world champs it seems a little strange.  After round 10 I felt like I heard a lil Steve Miller “take the money and run” coming from a truck or two as they left the Thomas and Mack.  But seriously, I fully expect by end of Denver and Ft. Worth we’ll see passports and Visas fully engaged.

As for exciting and fun tidbits that are happening, there are a truckload of would be 1st timers to the WNFR combined with the obvious return of many of the greats like Luke Branquinho, Steven Dent, Isaac Diaz et al.

I do get a little concerned when the likes of Brennon Eldred, who rode Bruiser for 94.5 pts just a few weeks ago, turning out already with injuries. Get well fast B! We need more of this.

This year like all has started with a sense of renewed optimism and a real feeling of change in the air as those that fell a little short last year have already jumped into the standings and are not backing down.  I like the following to be in Vegas in December that didn’t quite make it last year.

WATCH for the below:

Bill Tutor, Huntsville, Texas
John Alley, Adams, Tenn.
Clark Adcock, Smithville, Tenn.
Audy Reed, Spearman, Texas
Joshua Clark, Belgrade, Mont.
Nellie Miller, Cottonwood, Calif.
Christopher Byrd, Compton, Calif.

I’ll try to find some great tidbits during our travels this year that hopefully can shed more light on why the American Cowboy and this lifestyle we all love draw us in and give us such hope….

As we watch these cowboys and cowgirls in the WEATHER GUARD PRCA World Standing in 2017, be mindful of all those out there on the road of life and tell them how you feel with a smile, handshake, hug and kind words.


I can’t start off this year without pausing to honor the precious soul Ty Pozzobon.  As most of us have read the thoughts and words about Ty, we’ve watched video tributes and images on social media it’s hard to understand, it’s almost impossible to put into words, but even more difficult to let go.  If you never had a chance to meet Ty, watch some of the stuff that Ted Stovin, Covy Moore, Randy Quartieri, and Andy Watson put together and soak for a moment in what an amazing guy and how deeply he will be missed.

“Go rest high on that mountain…”


Covy Moore, thank you for the beautiful image!