50 years of Living Western Brought to you by Cavender’s: 2008

Good Time” is recorded by country music singer Alan Jackson. Overall, it’s his forty-eighth Top Ten hit on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts and his twenty-fourth Number One hit.

Average price of a new car is $27,958.00 and it costs $3.39/gal to fuel it.

The NFR celebrated its 50th anniversary. Special tributes were held each night to honor the past and present champions from sport of rodeo. Justin McDaniel, Luke Branquinho, Matt Sherwood, Randon Adams, Cody Wright, Stran Smith, Lindsay Sears and J.W. Harris all earned the title of World Champion, a feat they will never forget.

Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen star as a pair of lawmen out to tame a chaotic Western town from the throws of a criminal rancher in the movie Appaloosa.

Property prices continue to fall on both sides of the Atlantic in Europe and America causing hardship to many homeowners, and problems for the financial institutions.

Stran Smith wins the 2008 tie-down world championship.


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