Aparecido Sacrifices for Family

By: Eugenio Jose Santos June 29, 2014@ 01:35:00 PM

Eduardo Aparecido is bucked off at the Silvano Alves Invitational. Photo by Andres Silva.

PILAR DO SUL , Brazil ― Natanael Rocca won Round 2 of the Silvano Alves Invitational by putting up 89.50 points on Barretinho. Leading the event through two days is Fernando da Conceição with 178.50 points.

A night after riding Panda for 86.75 points, Eduardo Aparecido was bucked off by Restrito on Saturday and dropped down to a tie for 21st place.

The Gouverlandia, Brazil, native is curretly sitting 16th in the world standings and spends his summertime in Brazil. Aparecido is known as a bull riding “Family Man” and his wife always accompanies him to rodeos when he is home in Brazil. Aparecido has been married to Kelly Andressa for four years and they have two daughters, 2-year-old Maria Eduarda and 5-month-old Maria Luiza.

Aparecido took a minute to catch up with during the Silvano Alves Invitational.

EJ: How do you like living in Gouverlândia?

APARECIDO: “After I got married, I moved to Inaciolândia – a 25-minute drive from my hometown, Gouverlândia. I live on a ranch with my wife and daughters.”

EJ: Does your wife live with you in the United States?

APARECIDO: “No, she stays in Brazil. I live in the same house as Emilio Resende, I split the rent with him.”

EJ: The PBR season had already started when your 5-month-old daughter was born. Did you come back to Brazil for the birth?

APARECIDO: “No, I was in the U.S. and, unfortunately, I did not get to see her birth. It’s the price you pay.”

EJ: Explain what you mean by the ‘price you pay.’

APARECIDO: “Eugenio, I live without my family there and it’s very difficult to be away from my wife for so long, but to succeed in life, we need to sacrifice some things in order to gain others. That is the price, the price you pay! I don’t get to watch my daughters grow up and that’s very painful, but I’m used to it and I know that I’m doing the best thing for their future.”

EJ: PBR pays good money – is that what keeps you in America?

APARECIDO: “I can’t say that. In fact, I could stay here and earn a living riding bulls. But in the PBR, I see the opportunity to earn in five years what would take me 10 years to earn here in Brazil. The reason I’m here is I’m ensuring a future for my daughters.

EJ: What does Eduardo Aparecido do during the week there, in the USA, versus here, in Brazil?

APARECIDO: “In the U.S., I go to the gym a lot, at least twice a week. Here in Brazil, I try to stay at the ranch. I buy cattle with the money I earn, and I have to manage it carefully. Here in Brazil, I rode more bulls than in America at all the rodeos I entered.”

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